30-second Infertility

I was driving home from work today when I heard this commercial on the local radio station.

It was about a husband and wife struggling to “create their family.” How they went to RinkyDink Hospital and tried so many unsuccessful rounds of IUI’s with no success. And then when they were “just about to give up hope,” they heard about the success that BigCity Hospital had with infertility. A year and one round of IVF later, they were ecstatically happy with their infant twins.

The commercial made infertility seem so easy.

It’s just too bad that the years of heartache and heartbreak that come with infertility can’t be packaged neatly into 30-second radio spot.

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  1. I know exactly what commercial you’re talking about. I keep hearing it on the radio, I’m like yeah if only it was that easy.

  2. You know, I really hate the kind of IVF clinics that treat women like cars at Jiffy Lube. The ones who have the same protocol for everyone and who do anything and everything to keep their stats up.


  3. This is not only misleading, it implies that all infertility can be solved. While I wish that were the case, the commercial erroneously perpetuates the idea (most especially in the fertile community) that all it takes is the right hospital and treatment and ta da! baby. sigh…

  4. This sounds as bad as a clinic website I came across once. It said something to the effect that if you gave them a call Today, you could be pregnant in 6 weeks!

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