Show and Tell: Little Piggies

showandtellI decided to post my Show and Tell post today instead of tomorrow; mainly because I knew that I’d be seriously busy this weekend. We’re in Chicago again this weekend, which means yet another week of not having done laundry.

Yeah, I know. I suck. I just haven’t been feeling so hot lately. Tired, really. But I digress. Getting back to Show and Tell …

Since this past weekend was the “Stuff your face” type of holiday, where it’s expected that you eat tons of food, I thought I’d share with you a picture of the pigs I had as pets growing up. Ha ha … get it? Pigs?! (Okay I’m trying not to be lame …)

Except they’re not those kind of pigs. They were the guinea pig variety. And they were so adorable!!

Meet Flaffy and Fluffy. The short-haired American Guinea pigs that Dr. Bro and I got when we were about 8 and 10 years old.

Flaffy and Fluffy
By the way ... that's ME in the pink sleeper PJ's. And YES, they have footies!

You see, Flaffy and Fluffy were the family pets that were supposed to take the place of the dog that Dr. Bro and I always wanted. We were constantly reminded by our Dad that he was allergic to dogs, so we could never have one.

Flaffy, the predominantly white one, was mine. While Fluffy, the brown one was Dr. Bro’s. And yes, they were as cute as they look in the picture. And amazingly very cuddly, too. They loved to just sit on our laps, while munching on some fresh lettuce.

Sadly, Flaffy and Fluffy met an untimely death about two years later. A story that I’ll probably share in another post. Let’s just say that shortly after their passing and subsequent funeral in our backyard, our family dog, Muffin came into our lives.

So that’s my Show and Tell story for the week. Make sure you check out all the other Show and Tell blogs here!

12 Replies to “Show and Tell: Little Piggies”

  1. I never would have guessed that the pink blob behind them was a person. Pillow or post-modern piece of furniture, maybe.

    Did you and Dr. Bro name them together? Or was someone a copycat? Or a huge coincidence?


  2. Awww, how cute they were. I’m a little worried about their untimely deaths though…

    Love the snippet of you as a little one in the jammies.

  3. Love the guinea pigs! I think that is our future…they are sweet, fuzzy and easily contained!

    But I think the bigger question is why don’t all retailers make footy pajamas for us adults? I’d buy em!

  4. too cute!! Apparently I had a guinea pig as a child, but I must have been very young as I can’t remember it!!

    Love the footsie too – I think that I’d wear footsie pajamas now!!

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