Kitten It Just Right

So I bet you’re wondering why I’m still purposefully being vague on my blog about the big move out of state. To Chicago, to be exact.

Well, this here is the reason:

While I’ll be starting my new job in January, Hubby will still be working in Michigan. At least until February when (cross your fingers) he’ll be able to get his company profit bonus (if there is one this year … see?! Told you those fingers needed crossing!) that he has so rightly earned.

Hubby hasn’t told anyone at work just yet, as he’s (justifiably) nervous about the reactions he might get; especially in the line of work that he does. (He’s a graphic designer / art director for a small Ad agency.) SO … until he’s told his current employer, I’ve been keeping the Out-of-State move under wraps.

And I’ll kindly ask that you do the same by not mentioning in non-PWP posted comments.

But as always, anything you comment on a PWP post is only visible to those that have the password.

Thank you SO much!!

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