Bullet The Blue Sky

It’s another warm and sunny day here in Chicago; been like this since last week. Not that I’m complaining … I’m just hoping the Blue Skies stay through the Memorial Day weekend. Especially in Detroit.

Anyway, because I’m admittedly lazy today, I’ll have to do one of those bullet updates as to what I’ve been up to. Because contrary to popular belief, I’ve been a bit occupied.

  • Applied for every Case Management position available in the Hospital and Health Insurance settings in both Chicago and Detroit
  • Never received any phone calls from any companies located  or based in Chicago
  • Received calls and set up a few interviews with companies located in Detroit
  • Interviewing by phone today for the position which requires traveling (cross fingers, peeps!)
  • In the mean time, helping Hubby’s friend out with populating pages for WordPress-powered websites and getting paid to do this. Woo-hoo!
  • Somehow knew my blogging skills would get me some sort of work … 🙂

Anyway, wish me luck on the interview I’ve got scheduled for this afternoon. This is the one that I really would love to try out. It combines my clinical knowledge and my love of teaching/training. And, if I should be so luck to get it, would allow me to live anywhere as long as I’m close to a major airport. So … once we have our house sold, Hubby & I can look at moving further west!

I promise, more witty and inspiring posts at a later date.

8 Replies to “Bullet The Blue Sky”

  1. Awesome bullets those are! Just sent you a note on FB, then came over here to read your updates. Best of luck on your interview this afternoon – sounds like a dream job! I know you’ll knock them dead with your smartness, not to mention your communication and interpersonal skills!

  2. Hope the interview went great! I will pray that this is the one!!! And ditto everything Kelly said!

  3. Good luck, Em. I hope the interview went well. That is so cool that your blogging skills paid off (literally) 🙂

    Thanks for the birthday wishes 🙂


  4. Ack! Blogger won’t let me add your new blog to my “follow” list. Grrr. But I’ll bookmark you the old fashioned way. Good luck in your interview!!!

  5. WEST… OUT WEST… Like, my way?????? Oh, please say it’s so? Ok, Love the blog title. As soon as I read it, that haunting voice started playing in my head. LOVE.THAT.SONG.

    Can’t wait to hear how the interview went, I am quite sure you dazzled them.


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