Ain't No Party …

… Like a Dee-troit Party, ’cause a Dee-troit Party don’t stop!

These days there’s not too much to be proud of when you tell someone you’re from the Detroit area. First of all … despite the fact that we are NOT the Murder Capital of the U.S. (that esteemed title goes to New Orleans for 2008), people still seem to equate Detroit with crime and violence.

And then there’s the whole Motor City deal. Yes, we’re the birthplace of the modern automobile. Yes, we make gas guzzlers. Yes, we’re a city that’s literally dependent on fuel. That makes for a harsh economy, especially with many people losing jobs and a bad housing market.

Oh, and of course there’s the whole mayor fiasco, which I won’t even begin to rant about here.

So … when good things happen in Detroit, it’s always something to be proud about. And the fact that our sports teams are doing incredibly well right now is definitely a source of pride.

Now, I have to admit … I like blaming the fact that I’m a sports nut because of my husband. I always tell people that I never knew in the six years of dating Hubby that he was such a big sports fan until after we married. And that because of him, I started getting into our sports teams.

That is not true. I fully admit that my fascination with watching professional sports started early in life. From watching Tigers games at the old Tigers Stadium … to watching a very young Steve Yzerman play with the Red Wings at my first hockey game at 12 years old … to listening to the “Bad Boys” of the Detroit Pistons play in the NBA finals during my high school graduation ceremony in 1990. In fact … I can tell you with certainty, that watching sports is something that has bound my Dad and I together. And, of course, Hubby too.

Well, so for those of you that don’t follow sports … let me just tell you how proud I am to be a Detroit fan. Currently, the Red Wings are vying for the Stanley Cup. If they should win … our captain will be the first European-born captain to win the Stanley Cup. And the Pistons? Well, they’re currently playing against the Boston Celtics in the semi-finals for the NBA Championship.

And tonite? Well … I’ll be a little nervous. You see … not only are the Wings playing, but the Pistons are playing at the same time!!

D*mn. This is prime example of a Detroit party that don’t stop …


UPDATE: And the par-tee continues … Wings won against the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-0. Pistons won against the Celtics 94-75. And both games were played AND won here in Detroit. Talk about a great day for the city …

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  1. This is a Canadian shaking her head. It’s our game and our Cup. (Lord Stanley, whom the cup is named after was the Governer General of Canada at the turn of the 20th C). And so, here we are, with nary a horse in the race.

    Sigh. It’s a crime, eh?


    To think, I never knew that….

  3. hey. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I too had no idea that Detroit was the murder capitol of the world. And, for the record, I hold no ill will toward Detroit. Every city has its skeletons, right?

  4. I am TOTALLY pulling for the Wings…and you asked at one point if I was still a Stars fans — but sadly, it is such a sore spot for us Minnesotans that once the North Stars became the Stars it left such a hole in our heart that all we can do is cry in our Grain Belt beers.

    My mom is a Michigander though — right off of twelve-mile — so I feel justified in being a wing nut.

    Do you have one of those hats? I love those.

  5. As someone born in the heart of the city — Grace Hospital on East Jefferson — I am (despite celebrating my 12-year anniversary as a newfound Californian this weekend) and will always be a Detroiter…

    Cheers for the Detroit sports teams!

  6. Yes, but it is hard to take our sports teams seriously when the Tigers seem to be channeling the Lions!

  7. Go Wings and Pistons!!! Woo hoo. My husband was in hog heaven this weekend with sports galore. He was mad however that both teams played at the same time both nights, so he had to keep flipping the channels! When the Wings win we should go to the parade!!! Oh but wait, will the mayor be there? When is that loser going to do the honorable thing and step down? Gah!

  8. Good luck to your team! I will admit, I hate sports, and I think Mark would love me a lot more if I liked them. But who are we kidding? I can’t even fake it.

    I will also admit that I’m one of those people with a negative image of Detroit, even though I’ve never been there. Media, maybe? But listen, I went to school in Youngstown, and so I’m familiarish with the bad rep.

  9. Woohoo for hockey! The year I moved here to NC was the year that the ‘Canes won the Cup. It was so cool to watch that win. I’m totally with you on the sports fan thing!

  10. I will freely admit that I think one of the best parts of being single is that I NEVER have to watch sports…

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