Time Warp

There’s a radio show on the Detroit airwaves that I love listening to on any given Sunday morning. It’s a show on a station that, back in the late 80’s/early 90’s, was the first major station to play alternative music. (And when I talk about alternative music … I’m not referring to the mainstream alterna-sh*t that gets played over and over again. I’m referring to music that was only played on college radio stations or late late night on local public radio.)

Unfortunately, since a certain company took over management of commercial airwaves, we’ve been relegated to a snippet of time on Sunday Mornings where this particular station can play that kind of classic alternative music. This show, of all things, is called Time Warp.

Sunday mornings have got to be one of my most favorite times during the week. It’s the time where I can either sleep in or wake up early and relish the absolute peace and quiet of the day. It’s the moment during the week where Hubby & I can go out for an early breakfast or a leisurely brunch. And well, having the ability to listen to “my kind” of alternative music during that moment in time? Well, it caps off what I could consider a perfect morning.

Why am I bringing this all up late on a Thursday night? Well, it’s because I’m resurrecting an old post from my other blog. And I’m doing that  … well, quite frankly because I haven’t had time to sit down and write a proper post since last week.

But I promise … a new one sometime this weekend.

Without further ado … here is my “Time Warp”:


As You Wish …

Also known as the “Not-So-Funny Thought of the Day

Okay, so on one of the blogs I read there was discussion of favorite movies to watch. One of them mentioned that “The Princess Bride” was one of their favorite movies.

I totally agree. That movie probably ranks as one of my top movies of all time. If it’s ever on TV and I’m randomly flipping through channels, I would always settle on watching it again.

But then I thought (again, always a bad thing) of one of the most famous lines in that movie. Yes, you know … the one that Vizzini always says when he is utterly shocked, suprised and dismayed …


Wow. In the infertile world that I live in, that’s a pretty appropriate saying …

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  1. The book’s worth a read, too–good beach book. I read it as a teenager before the movie came out and loved it.

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