Snow Day

Apparently the southeastern portion of Michigan is supposed to be slammed with a major winter storm tonight. It’s supposed to start around midnight and last until 7 pm tomorrow night. It’s about 7:30 pm and as I look outside the window, there’s not a snowflake to be seen.

What gets me is that I wish this storm could have happened on Sunday night for Monday. This year, it seems like Mother Nature gets her kicks in sending a wintery blast our way just before or right on the weekend. I just wish for once that a storm would happen during the first half of the week so that I could have a work “snow day.”

Remember snow days in school? It was so exciting to stay up the night before hoping and praying that it would snow enough so that they would cancel school. I do recall doing the “Snow Dance” with my brother in the middle of our living room to help bring on a storm. And then we’d wake up earlier than normal just so we could turn on the TV to see if our school was listed on the morning newscast as being closed. There was only a handful of times we were disappointed to see that the surrounding school districts were closed except for us … but the majority of the time we were rewarded with the day off.

I miss those days. I miss that feeling of elation when you are rewarded an unexpected day off. And as a child, it wasn’t your responsibility to figure out how to “make the time up.” We just relied on our teachers to rearrange their lesson plans in order to fit everything that was needed.

But now, we’re the ones that have to be responsible. We have to find a way to adjust our schedules so that we can take time off from work, whether it’s planned or unplanned. We have to be ADULTS (gasp!) …

So as I left work for the day, the child in me turned and whispered to my co-worker, “If anyone finds a way to shut down the power and heat to this building, let me know. I’m all for a snow day!”

Alright, I am off now to climb into my jammies and do the “Snow Dance” …

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  1. Hey There! I hear ya! I wish my company would have “Snow Days” too. Even though I know I’m putting my life in danger by driving to work…I still have to do it or use a vacation day which is not a thrilling idea on a day like today.

    But I must admit the thought crossed my mind. The roads were pretty bad on the way in…the scary part is it’s not supposed to stop all day! That means the drive home is going to be nightmare! I’m not looking forward to it and will probably sneak out a little early to maybe avoid the worst of it.

    Yes, doesn’t it stink we keep having these blizzards on the weekend! Although when we have them on the weekend…we don’t always stay in either. But somehow it’s easier to make that drive when it’s to something you WANT to go to. Ha Ha!

    By the way, I did know that you are a nurse. Do you mind telling me a little about what you do, i.e. where you work (you don’t have to give specific names), what department, how often you work and what you do and don’t like about your job? Also if you’ve had jobs in the past in other areas too. If you can’t or don’t want to, no big deal at all! I’m just curious! I just like to find out as much as I can about different areas of nursing so I can get some ideas for what I might want to pursue.

    Hope you got the day off you wanted. Your snow dance definitely worked though!

  2. It’s here! We are in the midst of quite a snowfall. Unfortunately, I’m at work. No snow day here, though over 200 schools were cancelled.

    Enjoy your weekend…just drive slowly. 🙂

  3. I heart snow days. Definitely one of the perks of being a teacher. The only downside is that I go to bed EVERY night wondering, wishing, HOPING that I will get a phone call at 5 in the morning telling me to stay the heck in bed. You would think living in the mountains we would have a good solid week or two of those kinds of days… so far, only one. Day. Can you friggen believe that?

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