The Rest of the List …

As promised, here’s the rest of my reasons for disappearing from Blogland.

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s Eve!!


6. Rediscovered my love for big stage productions.

For our anniversary (back at the end of August), Hubby got us tickets to see “Wicked” at the Detroit Opera House. Let’s preface this by saying that I’ve been asking to see this musical for years. It’s only until Hubby got the opportunity to listen to the audiobook version of the book that the musical was based on that he finally expressed interest in seeing the musical. Earlier this month, as I sat about 15 rows back and to the right of the stage, I realized how much the Drama Club-geek in me missed the excitement and wonders of musicals. Not to mention that the story itself and the songs were fan-f*cking-tastic! It makes me want to see the Chicago production before it closes at the end of January. Hmmm … perhaps I will get that opportunity! 🙂

7. Pondered the relationship between and Jaco.b Bl.ack.

A while back, I started reading the “Twi.light” series by Steph.anie Except I never finished the whole series before the movie based on the first book came out. After seeing the translation into film, I had the incredible urge to finish the rest of the 4-book series … like, right away. And thus, I spent a good two weeks (in whatever spare time I had) completely immersed in’s world. The sad thing? I was so disappointed on how the series ended. Seriously. Book Four should have ended when “died.” And … Ren.esmee … WTF?! Her first name would have been better as Ca.rlie.

8. Attempted to decipher the “kids only” rule.

Ambushed by gifts ...
Ambushed by gifts ...

For Christmas this year, Hubby and I were told that the big “extended” family decided this year to buy presents for kids only. Which … hey, with all that’s going on with me … was perfectly fine. I wasn’t about to turn down the opportunity to save some extra money. Except … well, there was no clear definition of who was considered a “kid.” Seriously … did it mean anyone who was under 18? Did this include the adult “kids” of your own set of children? And really … what about those couples that don’t have kids? Is it fair to expect them to go home “empty-handed” just because they don’t have kids? And is it fair to expect the “childless couple” to buy presents for everyone else’s kids and have no one buy anything for them?

Okay, I realize I’m being petty here. But here again is yet another insensitive remark / action that “fertile” people may not realize is stressful for the infertile.

A solution? Perhaps include the childless couple on the list of people to buy for? It doesn’t have to be a fancy shmancy gift. A restaurant or movie (or hey … even a Target) gift card for even a small amount is always a lovely t0 give to us infertiles. Any small gesture to acknowledge that we’re simply not forgotten during such a child-centric holiday is very much appreciated.

Stepping off my soapbox now …

9. Rocked out until my joints hurt.

Rockin' Out to "Eye of The Tiger"
Rockin' Out to "Eye of The Tiger"

For Christmas, our good friend J gave me RockBand 2 for our Wii. Totally one of the best Christmas gifts I received this year! (Well except for the gifts that Hubby got me … which, he’s always been a great gift-giver in general.) Expecially since he’s the same friend that got Hubby & I the original RockBand for the two of us as birthday gifts this past July.

If you’ve never played this game and you love music … you must find a way to play it. I could care less which platform you use (PS3, Xbox, etc), you just have to try it for yourself. It’s so. D*mn. Addicting. Especially in any social situation you’re in. Like the surprise birthday party we attended this past Saturday for my Hubby’s aunt. All the kids were playing. And then later in the evening … there was a lot of “Drunk RockBand” going on with the “adults.” Waaay too much fun. So much fun, in fact, that the next morning wrists were hurting (from “playing” the guitar) and shoulders were aching (from banging on the drums). Ack … I must finally be feeling my age!

10. Facebooked until my face hurt.

I do admit it, I love Facebook. It’s yet another addicting internet activity that I could spend hours and hours on. Not that I’ve ever used it to cyber-stalk anyone … rather I use it to keep in touch with family members and friends in ways we never could before in the past. We’ve been able to share quick news bits with each other, post photos from events that we’ve been to … tease each other like we do IRL. I’ve found that Facebook had kept me close to those family and friends that are far away from where we live … and even those that aren’t!

Needless to say, during the Holidays I’ve been quite active with all my Facebook friends and family; sharing pictures, exchanging virtual “gifts”, and wishing them all the warmth and happiness in the world.


So there you have it. The ten reasons for disappearing for a while. I still can’t believe it’s now 2009. And how, as of next week, I will be at my new job.

Of all things, Hubby & I picked today, the first of the year, to start the move to our new life. (Anyone else find that symbolic?!) Unfortunately, this means I will be having sketchy internet connection over the next week or so. Which means I will, once again, disappear for a little while.

But once I’m back, I’m sure I’ll have lots to say. Until then … I’m once again wishing you all a wonderful 2009!

2 Replies to “The Rest of the List …”

  1. I always hated that “kids only” thing at Christmas, too. It just didn’t seem fair to me. And when we don’t get thank you notes, it makes me even madder!

  2. I second the “presents for kids only” thing at Christmastime. Bah humbug. 🙁

    I loved being in the drama club in high school & I love live theatre of just about any kind!

    Haven’t played Rock Band myself but dh has & LOVED it. Haven’t been on Facebook (yet) either. I find that online activities generally suck enough of my time as it is. ; )

    Anyway, glad to see you posting again!

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