Today, I am thankful for life.

After attending the funeral mass of our family friend today, I am grateful being alive and surrounded by people I love.

This is the second family friend that has passed away in the past few weeks. The first one was rather unexpected (but then again, when is death ever expected?) and it happened to be the mother of one of Hubby’s & my best friends.

We met up with this close friend for dinner tonight. It was good to see him post-funeral festivities and spend some time with him. He’s doing good, all things considered. And I truly hope that things continue to go well.

Hubby & I have told him to take one day at a time, which is always a good thing to do with grief. What I really wanted to tell him that there are going to be those good days and those bad days for awhile. But things will get better.

So today, I am thankful for life.