Staying Young

Have you every followed a celebrity to the point of obsession? I readily admit that I have. And sad to say, that despite the fact that this celebrity is no longer with us in this world, I still find myself obsessed.

Funny, as I thought that perhaps the “Groupie” in me was dead. Apparently not.

Today, the subject of my obsession would have turned 50 years old. And if Michael Hutchence were still alive, I’m sure I would have still had the hots for him.*

Sadly, Michael only lived to the age that I currently am today. That, in itself, is a strange thought. Oh, if we could both “Stay Young” … just like the lyrics say.

INXS – Stay Young
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Regardless of what you may have thought of Michael Hutchence in the years that he lived (or even in the aftermath of his life), no one can deny that he was a charismatic, talented man. And the world is just a little bit dimmer without him.

But before I close this post, help celebrate Michael’s 50th birthday and help Haiti by downloading “Don’t Change” off of iTunes.  Thanks to the rest of the band, all proceeds from this download are being donated to the Red Cross’ relief efforts in Haiti.

Happy 50th Birthday, Hutch!

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* I mean seriously. Even after so many years, I still shiver whenever I hear him whisper, “Step over here” at the beginning of “Need You Tonight.”

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  1. Very nice.He was a beautiful soul.We will miss him for every…..Happy B-Day Michael…….We love you Peace

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