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When I first started as an health insurance-based Case Manager (waaay back in 1999) for the company I just left this past December, it was my first job in Cubicle-ville. It’s the first office-type setting I had ever been in and I was so excited just to have my own desk, my own phone. But that’s because I was so used to working on the “floors” of a hospital, where I only got one small corner of the med cart to prepare the meds I had to distribute. And where I only had one small inch of desk space to write my progress notes in because the physician’s and their lackeys (-ie- pesky med students) always took up more room than they ever needed to.

No Room at the Nurse's Station
No Room at the Nurse's Station

Which of course brings me to this thought of the day … Why the H*LL is it called a Nurse’s Station when it’s never filled with any of the nurses? When all the Docs take up every inch of space in the area? And when all the nurses tend to be the one’s running up and down the hall?

Oh boy … having major flashbacks here. It doesn’t help that every once in a while I still have dreams (ahem … nightmares, actually) of going to work in the trenches.

And … once again, I’ve gotten of topic.

Okay, so really what I was getting at was that my last job was the first time I’ve ever worked in an office. Which meant I had a space of my own to put up personal stuff like pictures and toys, etc. One of my co-workers knew how much I loved to decorate my little space, so she gave me a poster to hang up on my wall. It was a picture of a fountain in a well-known city that, even back then, I always said that Hubby & I wanted to live in.

Well it took us ten years, but we’ve finally made that move. And since Hubby finally made his announcement at work, I can finally update my network to the correct city. I can finally un-Password Protect those few posts leading up to the decision to move.

Big Buck
This is the poster I had in my cubicle back in Michigan

Yes, that’s right people. I can shout it from the rooftop now. As of the end of this month, Hubby and I will both be Chicagoans, officially.

As for that poster that my co-worker gave me? Well, instead of bringing it with me … I left it at my previous job. In fact, I posted it up on the staff bulletin board and placed a sticky note on it with an arrow pointing to a specific building. And on that sticky note I wrote, “Come visit Emily here.”

And the best part? Well see for yourself … these are actual views from the windows of my office building.

View of Michigan Ave & Wrigley Building across the Chicago River
View of Michigan Ave & Wrigley Building across the Chicago River


That's Lake Michigan and Navy Pier in the near distance!
That's Lake Michigan and Navy Pier in the near distance!

I so cannot wait to explore the rest of this city … especially now (in less than two-weeks time) I can begin to call it home once Hubby is by my side.

7 Replies to “Room With A View”

  1. Wow, that’s quite the view!! I had a lot of friends in the faculty of architecture in university, & they used to take them down to Chicago every year to look at the buildings — I can see why!

    It’s a much better view than I’ve got — which is the brick wall of the building next door to me. :p Dh is in the same building, but 59 floors higher than me — practically eye-level with the observation deck of the CN Tower, & a great view of the Toronto Harbour.

  2. Nice view! Congrats on the move! I hope you both will be very happy in the windy city.

    If you’re ever looking for a weekend rural getaway down south, I have lots of tips for you. 🙂

  3. congrats, lady! I’m so glad you now have a date for hubby to arrive. I’m sure all the weekend back-and-forth has been exhausting!!!

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