We (or rather I ) interrupt this regularly scheduled time for whining to bring you this special video.

I am not much of a politically savvy person. However, when election time comes around, I do make an effort to find out more about each political candidate’s platforms. Whether if it’s by reading the paper or if it’s by watching interviews or debates on TV … I try to gather as much information about what each candidate can provide for us as the leader of our nation. Because, come Election Day … I want to make sure that I’m making an informed decision.

I’m not sure if it’s the older I get, but the more interested I am in politics. Perhaps it’s because what happens now will affect my immediate future … unlike when I was young(er) and (more) naive in my early 20’s.

Or it could be because this election year has been one of THE MOST interesting “campaign seasons” EVER.

Either way … I just know that as an American citizen, it is my given right to vote and I should take that responsibility seriously.

So with that said … take a lookie-see / listen to this monologue by Craig Ferguson, which aired on his CBS late night show last Wednesday.

It’s sexy (damn Scottish brogue … melts me every time!!)

It’s funny.