We Interrupt …

We (or rather I ) interrupt this regularly scheduled time for whining to bring you this special video.

I am not much of a politically savvy person. However, when election time comes around, I do make an effort to find out more about each political candidate’s platforms. Whether if it’s by reading the paper or if it’s by watching interviews or debates on TV … I try to gather as much information about what each candidate can provide for us as the leader of our nation. Because, come Election Day … I want to make sure that I’m making an informed decision.

I’m not sure if it’s the older I get, but the more interested I am in politics. Perhaps it’s because what happens now will affect my immediate future … unlike when I was young(er) and (more) naive in my early 20’s.

Or it could be because this election year has been one of THE MOST interesting “campaign seasons” EVER.

Either way … I just know that as an American citizen, it is my given right to vote and I should take that responsibility seriously.

So with that said … take a lookie-see / listen to this monologue by Craig Ferguson, which aired on his CBS late night show last Wednesday.

It’s sexy (damn Scottish brogue … melts me every time!!)

It’s funny.


7 Replies to “We Interrupt …”

  1. Very off topic – but hey were you as excited as I was today that it was Kwame’s last day in office? Could you hear me cheering from down in Dearborn? If you heard random hooting and hollering it was just me, LOL!

  2. I just ran into your blog. I liked it. This video is great and so true! I am a fellow detroiter (suburbs) and I wanted to say hi! Nice to see a fellow Red Wings and Michigan fan. Go Blue!

  3. Another lover of hte mens with accents, mmmm, mmm. LOVE IT, and basically I am a man with an accent whore – love them all, any accent, any country – other than the US of course.

    Ok, I will have to watch the video later, I am in class right now ;-( . The good news is that there is a guy with an accent right next to me 🙂

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