Oh, the Irony …

Day 3 of “Voiceless Emily.” I made the attempt to go to work today and promptly fell back into bed after taking a shower wiped me out. So today, I make the trip to my doctor’s office to hopefully get some “magic pills” to make me feel better.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I hate having to get antibiotics to get rid of a bug. I’d rather do it the old-fashioned way with lots of fluid and lots of rest. But this one … I don’t know, I just haven’t been able to “break” it just yet. And I’ve gotta be better by this weekend, as it’s my cousin’s wedding!

Thank you for those that responded yesterday to my post. Part of me knows that I’m just being stubborn and spiteful. And the other part of me knows that I’m doing this for self-preservation as well. Because if I continue to subject myself to “saving face” just to “keep the peace”, then I’d be back-pedaling in my progress towards happiness.

It’s just rather strange for me to be listening to that “other part of me,” because I feel as if that’s the selfish part of me. The one who only thinks about herself. The one who was told time and time again in her youth that it was bad to be thinking about my wants and my needs. My job … my duty, was always to think and care for others. (No wonder I became a nurse!) And I’m sure that lesson was reinforced over and over again by both the Filipino culture I was brought up in, as well as the twelve years of Catholic school.

And not that I mean to emphasize the point over and over again … but this is probably the biggest reason why it’s been so difficult for me to deal with my infertility. First … let’s not talk about my issues so as not to make you feel uncomfortable. Next, let’s take care of everyone else’s needs rather than take care of my own health. And finally, let’s just stifle all that unhappiness away and pretend that it doesn’t exist.

In any case, it took a long time for me to realize that I couldn’t continue to live this way. That my own body was telling me that I could no longer hold things in. Seriously, when your blood pressure continues to sky-rocket despite taking medications and you find yourself having a tremendously difficult time performing such simple tasks like taking a shower … and your mind is so muddled because you can’t even begin to determine what to “fix” first … well, then it’s time to seek some professional help.

So yes. I admit it (as it’s hard to do for most Asian-American’s), I broke down and called my former RE’s office and asked for a good therapist; one that had experience in dealing with infertility issues. And from that first meeting with her, I felt as if I struck gold. She has been that wonderful.

From our sessions, I’ve learned that one of the biggest things I needed to do was listen to my body. Which, of course, was hard for me to do … as throughout my IF journey, I’ve felt I’ve been betrayed by it month after month. But it’s those headaches that I frequently got that told me that my blood pressure was bordering at extreme highs. And it’s those days where my body refused to get out of bed that told me that I had stuffed waaay too many emotions inside that my body simply refused budge until I felt or expressed something.

And that’s why I began to blog. My outlet. My way to talk about the complex things and complex relationships I have going on in my life.

Duh, I can hear y’all saying … it’s not like I haven’t said this twenty zillion times before in previous posts.

But then part of me begins to wonder. Am I revealing too much? Am I expressing those feelings too intensely? Am I hurting others by writing exactly how I feel about the situations I’ve been in?

Is the proverbial pen mightier than the sword?

The reason I pose these questions is because I’ve been “asked” to refrain from blogging about certain people and certain situations I’m placed in, Which my gut instinct is to say, “F*ck you. This is MY blog. And you don’t have to read it, if you don’t like what I have to say.”

But then I began to think that maybe what I say in this blog may push things to the limits. That instead of making it easier for others to understand what I’m going through, I’m making them more uncomfortable. And hence making it more awkward for them to talk to me in real life (IRL). That I’m further isolating myself by “talking” about these things. (Of course, this pertains to IRL people and not you, my dear bloggy friends.)

Then there’s the Filipino-Catholic in me. The person who feels like she’s being self-centered and only thinking about herself in these situations … and not about how others might react to what I’ve said. That I’m hurting others by the words I write. And that I’m now sufficiently doomed to H*ll.

I have, in the past, PWP’d (password protected) a few blog entries, but have hated to do so, for reasons I’ve mentioned before in this post. I think it protects certain incidents and people involved in them; which could be good. And yet it also isolates a potential reader …. someone, who like me is looking for someone to relate to … from not feeling comfortable in asking me for a password. And while I might continue to do so in some instances, I don’t like it. It makes me feel, for lack of better words (ha!), “voiceless.”

And the irony of it all? I can’t even speak a word above a whisper right now.

What do you suppose my sick body is telling me? Is it just telling me to shut up and not “say” or blog about the emotions attached to those complex relationships and situations? Or is it telling me to ease up on myself; that I’m once again being too harsh on myself that my body, or rather my voice needs a rest?

All I know now, is that I’m seriously doubting myself … if what I do and say on my blog is helping me IRL or hurting me even more. And if I should permanently remain “voiceless.”

Help me, oh bloggy friends. What should I do?

7 Replies to “Oh, the Irony …”

  1. Okay, as someone who knows certain people I’ve talked some trash about do read my blog (man, that was an awkward sentence, sorry), I like to think of it like this. My blog = my truth. If I think that you’re a selfish asshole, and I’ve said so, then, well, that’s my honest opinion. I don’t need to blow flowers up someone else’s ass just to ease the situation.

    That said, if knowing that someone might be off-put by what your truth is will impact your ability to express yourself, why not PWP the posts? Or write anonymously on other sites? I have a site a friend of mine just put together to do just that: vent freely anon. Here’s the link:


  2. As much as I agree with you that this is your blog and you are free to write what you want, the fact is that you don’t live in an isolated bubble that exists only in that space. You and the words you write exist and they affect everything. So while you are free to do or say whatever you will, likewise, those experiencing the ripples of the “word pebbles” you threw down are free to respond in their own way. So if people get hurt, don’t be surprise that people got hurt.

    So are you intentionally hurting people? No. Of course not. But they “feel” the effects of your words and some people may feel pain. Understanding… knowledge… pain… it’s all relative. What you might hope are words of understanding might be construed by someone as as an attack.

    What’s the old staying? “Sticks and stones…” Truth be told, words hurt just as much as any physical trauma because of the power we put behind them. And when they are charged with such emotion, believe me, it can hit like a shot to the chest.

    I’m not saying that you should censor yourself. Again, that is counter productive in your own search for peace. But be aware of your audience or potential audience. And know that if you do decide to drop a deuce in an enclosed room… that everyone will eventually have to smell it and decide if it’s something fowl. (hmmm… that metaphor sounded more profound in my head)

    So say what you have to say…. dance how you want to dance… do what you have to do. Maybe some will give you the stink eye. Maybe some will pump their fists in a joyful “huzzah”. And some might not even lift up their eyes. Much like it was your choice to do what you want… it’s their choice to react how they want.

    (and I don’t even know if that answers you questions…. hmph)

  3. Girl…. Did you see my head and hips turning as I said that. God knows, we have been through the ringer on this whole Infertility roller coaster. This is your blog thus, it should reflect your words and thoughts.

    Non-infertiles will probably never understand what we have been through, our journey, our words, our thoughts or our feelings. Most of them are in our lives represented as close friends and family. They love us but they will never know. It is not your job to protect thier feelings, this (IF) is ugly and those closest to us need to see the reality of the situation.

    They can choose to read or not read.

    “Truth is such a rare thing, it is a delightful to tell it.”
    Emily Dickinson

  4. First of all, I think sometimes you do need antibiotics to get over a certain type of sickness. So I hope you feel better!

    About blogging, I have been kind of taking a step back in your anger posts. I would acknowledge the hurt it’s caused you, but you could be focusing on it all too much. And I don’t think that’s too healthy for someone. I’ve been guilty of it myself, so I’m definitely not simply pointing fingers here. And if the audience you have is to whom you are speaking about, I definitely wouldn’t blog about it. If you know certain people are reading it, it’s no different than saying all these things in anger directly to them.

    Definitely allow yourself to feel what you are feeling. But I wouldn’t use a blog to work the feelings out with the people who are involved.

    Maybe start a completely anonymous blog so you can still get it all out?

  5. I think you should keep seeing your therapist. One thing is to get the anger out through writing, blogging, finally focusing on yourself and your needs, your body, but at some point I hope the goal is to move on, to move past the anger, to heal yourself, to be able to close the door on one dream in order to open yourself up to a different dream (adoption for example or whatever it may be). I just don’t want to see you in the same place 5 years from now. I want to see you heal, and be able to open yourself up to a beautiful future. It’s out there, but you have to grab it. I’m not preaching – it’s just that I was there 10 years ago – not regarding infertility, but something else – I had spent so many years being angry, when I finally decided to work through it all with a therapist, I couldn’t believe how happy I became.

  6. I agree — keep up with your therapist, and keep letting out your anger and frustration. You’re absolutely right: if peole are uncomfortable reading it, they don’t have to do so. It’s already been established this is your personal space to work out what’s going on in your life, so we as readers who are lucid adults have the capacity to decide whether we want to be a part of it all. That said, to keep the peace, there’s always PWP posting, which has worked for you in the past. Regardless, do what you have to do to take care of yourself!

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