My Hubby, My Hiro

Not to be completely cheesy here, but I’ve always believed that my Hubby is my own personal, honest-to-G*d hero. I’m sure part of it is because I met my Hubby during my sophomore year in high school and were friends first before starting to date the summer before starting college. And I’m not saying these things to put him high up on a pedestal. Simply put … he is my best friend and because of that, I place all my trust in him.

One of Hubby & My Favorite Telly Shows
One of Hubby & My Favorite Telly Shows

That song … the one by Enrique Iglesias … came out just before my laparotomy. This was the big surgery where I’d get my bikini c-section scar without the baby to show for it. The surgery to do some major clearing out of the endometriosis that was thought to be the reason I couldn’t get pregnant. (Little did I know then that it was also a combination of my “tricked out” hormones thanks to PCOS. Oh, how hindsight is always 20/20 … grrr.) And even though I had two previous laparascopies beforehand, the thought of this surgery somehow scared the living daylights out of me.

But it was that song, “Hero” that seemed to pacify my nerves. Perhaps it was because that particular song came on during one of the many tearful moments spent prior to the surgery. When Hubby held my hand while wiping my tears off my cheek with his other hand. All while Enrique would sing about kissing away my pain. And standing by me forever. So yes, to this day every time I hear that chorus, I think of that particular moment.

Okay … so really, this wasn’t supposed to be all serious here. What I was actually getting at was how Hubby & I have loved watching the TV show “Heroes.” When we first saw previews of the series two years prior, we both knew this was a show we wanted to watch. I mean, really … we’re talking about two people that have traveled as far as San Diego for Hubby’s love of comics! So to have a TV show based on poeple with “special powers”? Yeah, totally up our alley.

"Heroes" character, Hiro Nakamura
“Heroes” character, Hiro Nakamura

For those of you that have never seen the series, one of the major characters is an Asian with the power to “bend” time. Of all things, his name is “Hiro,” which is pronounces just like the word “hero.”

While Hiro’s power is cool, the thing that has made him our favorite character is who he is as a person. In the beginning, Hiro is this typical Japanese character who works in a boring office setting feeling as if he’s destined for greater things. When he learns about his power, he immediately relates it to his best friend, Ando as having special abilities just like in one of his favorite comic book series, X-Men. Among a series of events, Hiro and Ando find out that their “lives” are being depicted in a comic book written by another person with special powers. By reading this comic , he comes to the conclusion that it is destiny to use his powers for good. And throughout the past two seasons, Hiro and Ando have managed to get into difficult situations but have always managed to come out of the scrapes together.

My Hubby, My Hiro
My Hubby, My Hiro … Like the Spidey tee he’s wearing?

So, I’m sure you’ve probably figured out why I’m giving you this whole schpiel. First, the “Hero” song. Then the TV show “Heroes.” And finally the Asian character on the same show, “Hiro.”

Obviously, this all relates back to Hubby and how he is literally my Hiro. Let’s just say that not only are there character similarities between Hiro and Hubby. Well … see for yourself. Don’t you think Hubby could kinda pass for Hiro too?

Seriously though. Seeing Hiro’s character reminds me of some of the reasons I love Hubby. The Asian thing. The sense of responsibility to do what’s right. Even the whole comic book lover thing. (Yes, I’m serious!) But what gets me the most is the like Hiro, Hubby has this incredible loyalty to those he cares for the most. And that despite everything that we’ve been through together , he has managed to stand by me forever. And every day, he continues to take my breath away.

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  1. What a lovely tribute. And yes, he could pass for Hiro! In fact, when I first looked at the picture, that’s who I thought it was… 🙂

  2. Lots of clapping from me!! ANd YES, he looks a LOT like Hiro! (whom I think is adorable by the way). It’s funny because my hubby is very like that as well, and also loves anything to do with comics and is quite the artist. 🙂 Maybe they’ll see each other at a convention sometime! Tell him to look in the artist booths for a Filipino artist. (I know, I know.. there are a couple). But he can’t afford San Diego unfortunately. Hub thinks that comic book geeks just have it in them to be loyal and honorable and all that otherwise they wouldn’t love superheroes so much.

    I think Hiro is the best character and the best actor on that show. I’m not a huge fan of the show, but if they could all be as good as Hiro, I would be.

  3. Oh Emily — I love this post — I’m so glad you have your ‘Hiro’ — and funny, the one time I really watched that show and liked it was with his character!!

    Just peeking my head in to wish you a Happy holiday season — I know it gets kind of crazy — so I wanted to be sure to tell you that I was thinking of you — even if i’ve been Ms.Lazy Commenter!



  4. J and I love Heros also – isn’t it a great show? Emily I’m so glad you have a good hubby…a good girl like yourself deserves to find someone special to share the journey with – you know? I like that song too. It was out when we were in Jamaica on our honeymoon so it always brings back good memories of my husband with me. Not that surgery is like a honeymoon – but I know what you mean 🙂 Hope you’re doing well ((hugs))

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