Quick post, as I’m surrounded by unorganized mess mixed with packing boxes back in Michigan.

Hubby officially “moves” to Chicago with me today, along with puppy-girl Kozzy. Yay! Home with finally be Home in Chicago. As sad as I am the Detroit is going through such hard economic times, especially with the housing markent, I’m actually quite relieved that this gives us time to do a “slow” move over to Chicago. If only we didn’t have to pay a mortgage plus rent, I’d be even more of a happy camper.

251This weekend should have been spent doing more packing and taxes (yeah, we’re procrastinators), however most of it was spent with family and friends. Saturday, we met with my parents for an early dinner (at Pizzapapalis, of all places! Hands down, the best deep dish pizza … next to the “original” Pizzeria Uno in Chicago … by the way). It was good to spend time with my parents … especially my Mom, before she flies out to the Philippines this morning. (More on Grandma later … )

For “second dinner” (a la “Hobbit”-style), we met with our good friend, J at our favorite burger joint. It’s been a ritual for us to meet there even when I was still in the D. I miss the excellent burgers … but I miss my friend, J more. I’m worried a bit about him … I think this move to Chicago for us is hitting him harder than both Hubby & I thought. But we’ve assured him (and ourselves, too) that we’d be back often enough to continue our late night ritual. If only we can find a burger just as good as Redcoat in Chicago. But more importantly, if only I could convince him to move to Chicago to be closer to us …

Last night we spent a quick couple of hours out to dinner with Hubby’s family. Again, nice to catch up with everyone. Great to talk to my SIL about how “wonderful” her psych rotation in Nursing school is going. (Ah … the memories!) And completely awesome to see my nephew again and to hold my beautiful niece once more. I do miss them. Tons

Oh, and as of yesterday afternoon … I am officially no longer the “Br.ide Of Fra.nkens.tein.” I no longer have the grey/silver streaks of hair at either side of my temples. That’s because finally … after six long months … I got my hair cut and dyed! Woo-hoo! And there’s another person I miss tremendously, too … my awesome hairstylist! She is that good … that I’d come back in to town just to have my hair done just by her.

And finally … a quick update on Lola. Grandma is not doing any better … she’s officially gone into a coma and her kidneys are failing. Everyone is thinking that she just might not pull through this time. Of course, she’s been known to fool us all in the past … so I’m not giving up hope for a miracle. But honestly, I think she’s waiting for all her children to come back “home” to be by her side before making her decision.

My Mom finally found the earliest flight out to the Philippines mid-Friday morning. Unfortunately, the normally two-layover / 14-hour flight has now turned into a three-layover / greater than 36-hour flight. It was the best she could do on short notice … and it still didn’t come cheap. The important thing is that she’ll be meeting her sister during one of these layovers and will share the same flight with her into Manila, Philippines. I hate knowing that she’s traveling all alone, especially during this emotionally difficult time.

This same Aunt of mine also has the medical DPA for my Grandma. Which means once she’s there, she will have to make that tough decision as to what to do next. What a huge responsibility for her, and I’m glad that my Mom … the one sibling probably with the most faith and spirituality … will be there with this Aunt. In any case, if you guys can continue to say prayers for my family … I’d very much appreciate it. All of your wonderful thoughts and sentiments have worked wonders thus far … and for that I am incredibly grateful.

252Well, so this short post turned out longer than I thought. But thought I’d shoot a “quick” one out before the rest of my day starts. It’ll be a busy one as I attempt to replace my lost MI driver’s license and do a little more shopping (cheaper here with the 6% sales tax, versus the 10+% in IL) before we head out of town again. But at least now this once-Bride of Frankenstein will be united with her Groom.

Again, thanks for all the warm thoughts and prayers for my family. Please please please … keep them coming!