Perfect Bed Buddies

When moving to Chicago last year, Hubby & I ended up buying a full-size bed mattress and frame from IKEA. The thought was that I was going to use it as my bed until Hubby officially moved from our home in Suburban Detroit in April of last year. Then we’d move our queen-sized bed from Michigan and move the IKEA bed into our guest room.

Now it’s April of this year, and Hubby & I are still using that full-sized bed . That’s because we never did end up moving that bed … yet, anyway. And let me tell you, I’m sorely missing our thick, plush queen-sized mattress.

Not that the IKEA mattress isn’t comfortable. Let’s just say that the bed frame is just a little … lopsided.

To explain this more, if you’ve ever owned an IKEA bed, you’ll know that instead of having a box-spring mattress, they use a slatted bed base. Depending on how soft or firm you want the mattress to feel, you can choose from a variety of different slatted bed bases.

Now, for us … the slatted bed base wasn’t the problem. The problem lies in (no pun intended … kinda) how the slats fit into the particular bed frame we chose. Which was on sale, by the way. (That should have been our clue … ) Let’s just say that the longer you sleep on the bed, the more the slats start to slip downward off the frame of the bed on one side or the other. And well, that just makes for an uneven sleeping surface.

No matter how many times we’ve fixed the bed, over a period of time it starts to become lopsided once more. And now … well let’s just say that both sides of the bed have slipped off the frame; one side on the upper right and the other side on the lower left. Thank G*d for the midbeam; otherwise the mattress would have sunk down completely!

Obviously the cats found some balance in the bed!

Anyway … the other day, Hubby and I were talking about our sleeping experience with this bed … which, despite the nuisance of being lopsided, is actually quite comfortable. As I was getting ready to turn in for the night, I asked him when he’d be coming into bed. His response was, “Soon.”

“Good,” I told him. “Because when you’re there, I feel more balanced.”

And then we looked at each other and grinned; knowing full well that I meant that literally and figuratively.

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  1. H and I slept in a full-sized bed for several years until we recently upgraded to a queen. And I kinda miss being in a full size bed, because we were forced to sleep so much closer together! But yeah. Our bed frame was from IKEA. We never had problems with the slats slipping, but we also had a box spring that sat on top of the slats, even though we didn’t need it. Our current bed frame is also from IKEA, and we removed the box spring because it sat too high with it on, and instead now use slats. It was a cheapie frame, too, so I’ll be on the lookout for the slanting mattress issue!

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