Pie is home … and people always come home.
The Pie-Maker, “Pushing Daisies”

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long, but I’ve fallen in love with series “Pushing Daisies.” I’ve caught bits and pieces of the show, yet never saw a complete episode. But what I did see, I liked. Visually, it’s an amazing show. But as to the plot? I had no clue.

That is until Sunday. When, out of desperation for lack of TV viewing (still no cable and no good signal available for local TV), Hubby & I went to Target to get some DVD’s. Buy a TV show DVD, Hubby suggested. After all, I am known for watching marathons of “House” or “CSI” on the USA network. That, and it’ll probably get me through the week until the cable guy gets here. So hence the reason I’ve started watching Season 1 of “Pushing Daisies.”

The cast of "Pushing Daisies"

The cast of "Pushing Daisies"

Besides the incredibly saturated colors and equally quirky characters, the other incredible aspect of this show is the dialogue. It’s witty. It’s fast. It’s full of pop culture. And its dialogue so reminds me of another one of my favorite series of all time, “Gilmore Girls.” No … there is no comparison when it comes to story lines. Both shows are uniquely dissimilar in plot and characters. However, the quick and clever exchanges among the characters are very much alike. And I’m very much looking forward to watching the rest of the series … which, unfortunately has been canceled in the midst of its second season. (Total bummer …)

pushing_daisiesBut that wasn’t what I was about to blog about. Really, the subject matter (minus the “Pie” reference) is in the title of this post … which happens to relate to a line in one of the “Pushing Daisies” episodes. Home.

After living in our house for over 12 years and now living in a different location, I’m having a difficult time distinguishing what I should label as home. It kind of reminds me of when Hubby & I first moved into our suburban house after just getting married; when I would still call my parents’ place “home” even though I knew that my new “home” was with Hubby. I had to adjust to the fact that I was now making a “home” with my husband.

This is what’s been troubling me these past two days, as I’ve met new people in my new job. I can’t tell you how many people have asked me what area I was calling “home” these days. And I would respond by telling them which neighborhood I lived in. However, I would also find myself telling them that “home” was still in my old town.

1189477345_lWhat I realized yesterday evening after work, was the reason I struggled with calling my new place “home” … Home for me is not a physical location that could be located by GPS. Oh no, home was definitiely where the heart is.

And my heart is with my Hubby.

So until Hubby is officially by my side … I won’t consider this new place “home.”