Thirty Days of Thanks, Day Twenty-Nine

Boy, it’s getting colder out there. And dark. I really don’t like this time of year because it’s dark when you go into work and dark when you leave. That’s why every year I look forward to the winter equinox … the longest night of the year. That just means that we’ve turned the corner and the nights will start to get shorter and the days longer.

Of course, that date (winter equinox) is December 21st, every year. Except this year it’s 2012. You know, December 21, 2012 … the end of the Mayan calendar and supposedly “the end of the world”?  <snigger snigger>

All this means is winter is definitely around the corner. Which means, at least in the northern half of the US, snow will soon be on the ground.

Not that I don’t like snow. It’s pretty to look at and to play in. But not exactly fun to clean off your car or shovel your driveway.

Working downtown, I do see a fair share of homeless people … and I always think of how hard winters must be on them. I’m sure their situations are hard all around, but throw cold weather into the mix? I’ve gotta believe that’s just one more added stress.

That’s why today I’m grateful for a roof over my head and the warmth that a house provides to us. I realize that we may not keep it as tidy as it should be, but it’s a place that Hubby & I can call our home.


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