Tooth Troll

So I survived yet another teeth-cleaning without any major catastrophes. Thank goodness. And no, my dental hygienist didn’t have to dig out any candy bit between my teeth, but she did manage to find a grape peel back there.

Heh … at least it was a fruit.

Every time I go to for my routine dental appointment, I get the standard lecture. “You need to floss more often.” “Make sure you don’t drink too much acid-y drinks.” Oh, and “You’re using a soft toothbrush, right?”

Tootsie the Tooth Fairy Troll
Tootsie the Tooth Fairy Troll

The soft toothbrush was suggested a couple years ago because apparently my gums are quite “sensitive.” In other words, if I flossed more consistently, maybe they wouldn’t bleed so d*mn much. So usually I’m good about flossing for the first month or so after a trip to the dentist, but then I relapse. Fall off the Floss Wagon.

This time around though, I got a concerned look when she asked the “soft toothbrush” question. After responding yes, my hygienist tells me that I probably should start using an “ultra soft” one. First of all, never knew that they made one. And second of all, uh … why?

Well, apparently I’m brushing my teeth and gums too hard. To the point where my gums are receding too much. And where apparently I’m supposed to be feeling sensitive to hot or cold foods.

Except I’m not. Feeling sensitive spots, that is. Nor do I realize that I’m brushing my teeth and gums that hard either. Somehow, methinks that over the past six months, I’ve been taking some of my recent stress out on my mouth.

Okay, so enough about teeth.

It’s a beautiful day outside today. Perfect voting weather for Election Day. Yes, I know that sounds strange, but studies show that when the weather is nice more people are apt to go out and vote. And when the weather is bad (rainy and cold), there are many people that don’t want to go out and vote.

So yes, voting was our first order of business today. And I did wear the shirt I should have worn at work yesterday. Surprisingly, the exit-poll person ignored me. Heh.

And after running a few more errands (including the trip to the dentist), it’s time for me to chillax. Oh, and do laundry. And snuggle with the furbabies ….

Maybe that will help me from reducing the stress I obviously take out on my teeth.

(Whew … post # 4 done!)

2 Replies to “Tooth Troll”

  1. Day 4 down. Only 26 to go.

    And you’re cracking me up. I never realized that other people were only good about flossing for a month (read: week) after a trip to the dentist. Makes me feel like less of a freak-a-leak.

  2. Ah. The spousal unit is having gum issues as well, though his current worst issue is the fact that he is having gum pain in the back of his mouth because he never had his wisdom teeth out. So tomorrow, I get to take him to the oral surgeon to have them extracted- sucks for him!

    Anyway, I just keep getting reminded from so many different places that I need to make an appointment with a dentist SOON. It’s been too long. I was so good about it back in Texas, but I’m so picky about my practitioner that I’ve been reluctant to audition new dentists here. And as a result, I just put it off. Feh.

    Yeah- good for you! Reduce that stress! (And if you figure out how, please let me know!).

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