Who's Your Daddy?

I’ve had people email me or post messages asking how my Dad’s been doing. Thank you ALL for your lovely thoughts and prayers.

Dad is doing much better. We’ve now had 3 of the 5 follow-up appointments with his doctors and they have all said they are pleased with his progress. Today, he has his appointment with the Cardiothoracic surgeon who will ultimately give him the “OK” to drive, if he’s up to it. I know, for a fact, that Dad is … as he’s been going stir crazy at home. And I’m pretty darn sure that in the next two weeks he’ll be starting outpatient Cardiac Rehab, so it will be good for him to get out of the house more.

Yesterday, my Mom had a meeting she needed to be at and my Dad wanted to go to his weekly Kiwanis meeting. This would be the first one he’s been to since having his surgery. Since I had to drop off some of his prescriptions that they filled at the hospital (which is literally blocks away from my house), my Dad asked me if I could drop him off at the local pizza place where the meetings were held. No problem, I said.

As I’m driving in my midsize SUV with my Dad sitting in the passenger seat, I was struck with this sudden feeling. Here I am driving my DAD to his “extracurricular activities.” Total opposite of what it used to be before I got my license.

So then I thought, “Hmm … perfect time for a lecture” and had this conversation with him:

ME: So, Dad. What are you going to say when someone offers you a cigarette?
: (chuckling) No thanks.
ME: (role-playing) Come on, it’s just one cigarette!
: No thanks. I can’t smoke.
: What if they ask you to just go outside and watch them as they smoke?
DAD: (looks at me questioningly) I go outside with them?
: No Dad … second hand smoke is bad for you, too!
DAD: (proudly) Ah …. and then I’d probably show them my scars and tell them that they don’t wanna go what I went through.
ME: (patting his hand as I continue to drive) That’s right!

Wow … so who’s the parent now?! Geesh, I crack myself up sometimes …

****************************** Update ******************************

Just got back from the surgeon’s office and Dad has officially “graduated.” That means he is now cleared to drive and do some light work. And because he specifically asked, he’s also allowed to swing some light clubs. Just in time for golf season, too!

He’s told me he’s sworn off the cigarettes and promises to exercise more. He still has some work to do on his diet, but overall Dad’s got a second lease in life.

And because he’s done so good, I may … just may … let him have a nice big fat juicy lean steak for his birthday later this month!

Sniff … Sniff … I’m so very proud of my Dad!

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  1. hooray for your dad!
    isn’t it strange how you find yourself in that role reversal? it always seemed as if it would happen “someday,” but never NOW!

  2. Oh, I can relate to this on so many levels.

    Five summers ago, my dad had prostate cancer. Four summers ago, my uncle died of lung cancer. Two summers ago, my dad had a quintuple bypass. Last summer, my dad had 4 of the 5 bypasses “fixed” (stints, I think), and also had surgery for colon cancer, and has been on chemo for the last 8 months (JUST finished his course of treatment last week!).

    And, until a month ago, I smoked.

    Of course, my dad NEVER smoked and has always been active and at an average-to-low weight, but has also always had high cholesterol/high blood pressure/diabetes.

    And of course, I have all of his negatives (except the blood pressure), but also am overweight and (used to) smoke.

    I told you, I’m long winded, but what I mean to say is that I get what it’s like to have a dad that’s sick, and I also get how important it is to quit smoking, and how hard it is to quit smoking, but knowing that you are doing it for all the right reasons.

    Whew. I have a lot to say about this topic, so perhaps I’ll have to post my own blog about it…

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