Posterior Side Effects

If one more person says, “You’re too young to have hot flashes!” I’m going to puke.

As if having the hot flashes isn’t bad enough, I get the whole lecture about how they didn’t start having these “issues” (a.k.a. menopause) until their late 40’s after children left the house. (Uh, thanks for reminding me I’m struggling through infertility!)

Check out my “cooling unit”
for them night sweats!

And these same people seem to feel it necessary to tell me how they’ve had so many other “issues” as they were going through “the change.” Like insomnia and night sweats (check). Or horrible headaches (double check). And the general lack of energy (triple check). Not to mention the general lack of filtering when it comes to saying what I think (quadruple check). And finally of course, those monstrously ginormous horrible mood swings (quintuple thru decuple check).

Never mind that my poor Hubby’s been getting the brunt of these side effects. Like those nasty mood swings. And the lack of desire to do anything (if you catch my drift). For Pete’s sake, the poor man has to sleep under layers and layers and layers of blankets and clothing just to keep warm while I suffer through yet another night of “hot flashes”!

So heed this warning … the next person who tells me I’m too young to be having any hot flashes … I am going to take my next dose of Lu.pron and shove it in their posterior.


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  1. I’m with you on shoving the Lupron in their posterior. I do, however, have a suggestion: Change to an IM so they REALLY feel it!

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! Sorry you had to encounter it on such a marathon-post day! I do tend to be long-winded, but nowhere near as long as that usually!

  3. i hated lupron. it sucked! i called it the juice of darkness. blech.
    i have always had hot flashes, bad headaches, etc. – lupron just made them worse. and -PRAY G-D-i am nowhere near menopause. (well i am at least another 5 months away!)
    so tell those old hags to bug off! ; )

  4. I was on lupron for four months. Worst experience of my life. Pain-gone, yelling at old people, shoving idiots back on buses, hot flashes, fibromyalgiac arthritic pain, feeling like I was 60 when I was thirty, no sex drive 30 pound weight gain in one month and an additional 30 pounds after, not being able to lose it since…the worst.

    I hope it gets better. No one really knows what to say, not enough people TRULY know about the disease. It’s sad. But things are looking up, accupuncture helps, exercise, diet, anti candida diet-also good for kids with autism, and thyroid medicine…who knows, its a journey.

    Good luck in yours.

    Take care.

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