More Cowbell!

Living in Hockeytown (aka Detroit), I’ve been to enough hockey games to know at least the first verse of the the Canadian National Anthem. It also helps that Windsor is literally across the river (and south) from Detroit.

But after being addicted to watching the 2010 Winter Olympics these past few weeks, I think I’m getting to know the whole she-bang.

What exactly am I going to do after this weekend?! And, more importantly … what am I going to do with my new iPhone “Cowbell” app? After all, I did download it specifically for the ski and bobsleigh and snowboard events. And I know d*mn well I’ll be using it tomorrow and this weekend when watching the men’s hockey event … But still!

A little more cowbell!

Ah … but according to my team, I was told I could use it to “herd” everyone together for our team meetings. Or use it to call order in the room. Or simply use it to disrupt a tense situation. In any case, it will be fun using them in other sporting events … like, oh say … Michigan Football?

Let’s see, want to hear the most girl-scouty good deed I’ve done thus far in my Lenten “Good Deed” journey? Get this … I actually helped a blind man cross the street. Not. Kidding. You. What can I say, the opportunity presented itself as I came up to the intersection right by the El station close to my home. I saw him standing at the corner looking unsure as to which direction he wanted to turn, so I simply asked him. And even though I didn’t physically walk him across the street, I at least pointed him (or, rather lead him) in the right direction.

As I sit here tonight watching … duh, the Olympics, I’m actually rooting for 16-year old Mirai Nagasu from the US to medal … I just love her personality! But somehow, I think she won’t. And I really hope that Joannie Rochette gets to medal tonite. I think that despite the fact that her mother passed away, she had an incredible short program. Oh well, I’m just hoping for a good program tonite.

Wouldn’t it be great if Joannie won? Then I’d get to practice my singing of the Canadian National Anthem. Ha!

Anyway, with the focus on Joannie and the loss of her mother … well, it makes me think of my own Mom, and how I’d feel if I lost her suddenly. As it is, we’re coming up on the year anniversary of my Grandma Rose’s passing … which I’m sure is probably weighing heavily on my Mom’s mind as well. I think it’s events like this, whether it’s my Grandma’s passing or Joannie’s heavy loss, that reminds me how lucky I am that my Mom is still here with me.

I love this picture of Mom & Me

So that’s what I’m grateful for tonite: I’m grateful for my own Mom. I’m grateful for all the gifts she’s given me, including my love of reading and my love of constantly learning. I’m grateful for the fact that she raised me to be compassionate and — probably much to her chagrin — independent. Mostly, I am grateful that she’s still here with me in this world … because, despite what she probably thinks … her love and support mean the world to me.

Okay … time for me to buckle down and watch Women’s Figure Skating. And maybe … just maybe … I’ll break out that cowbell!


Well. There goes my chance to belt out “Oh Canada” … but hey, at least Joannie medalled! I’m very happy for her!!

2 Replies to “More Cowbell!”

  1. I figure it goes without saying that you’re familiar with the Christopher Walken (sp?) “More Cowbell” skit on SNL? I still don’t know WHY that’s so funny, but it is. Also, I guess I have to admit that I have no idea what the cowbell has to do with the Olympics. But I haven’t been watching them, so maybe it would be obvious if I had.

  2. There is ALWAYS a reason for more cowbell.
    Joannie Rochette made me cry – I don’t think I would have been able to do that at all. I probably would have skated out to start and then burst into tears when my music started or something. I was so happy to see her get a medal. And Mirai Nagasu was adorable – when she finished and knew she had done a good job her smile could have powered a city for a week.
    And I give you *DING* for the blind dude. (That was a cowbell..more cowbell!)

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