Quiz Time

Okay, I admit it. I was feeling a little bored. I was surfing some blogs and stumbled on to the first quiz below on someone else’s blog. And well, then I kept finding more quizzes I wanted to take on the site. Scary thing is that the results, although not 100% accurate, do reflect how my life has been affected by certain circumstances, particularly infertility. Anyway, below is the extent of my boredom.


Your Mind is 79% Cluttered

Your mind is quite cluttered. And like most clutter, it’s a bunch of crap you don’t need. Try writing down your worst problems and fears. And then put them out of your mind for a while.

Why am I not suprised?!
You Have Low Self Esteem 60% of the Time

While you sometimes feel good about yourself, you tend to struggle a little with self esteem issues. It’s not about changing who you are, it’s about accepting your faults. You just need to be less critical and demanding of yourself!
Seriously?! Thought it would be more.
The Part of You That No One Sees

You are balanced, peaceful, and sincere. You’re the type of person who goes along to get along. And you’re definitely afraid of rocking the boat.
Underneath it all, you fear your world falling apart. You’ll put up with a situation that you don’t like in fear of changing it. Disruptive and forceful people intimidate you – and sometimes exploit you.
Well, that’s actually pretty accurate.
You Are Probably Not Pregnant

It seems like you’re in the clear, but you should really take a test to be sure.

Duh…. I think I failed this test, or um … quiz.

Well, maybe next time I’ll find something more productive to blog about. Like how I’m enjoying some of the new shows out there on TV this fall. Or how I find it completely adorable that Hubby likes to find movies he knows I’d love to watch over and over again and puts that on the TV instead of something I know he’d love to watch. Yep, gotta love Hubby.

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  1. OOooh — quizzes are such evil timesuckers aren’t they? And yet I almost always succumb …

  2. Not fair! Where are the quizzes? I need to know if I’m a baggage-toting, self depreciating, invisible pregnant man. ;P

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