To.bey as Spidey in the 1st movie

What part of me thought that having my cholesterol levels checked a week after Thanksgiving was a good idea?! Oh, that’s right … I wasn’t thinking, that’s why!

Yes, this morning I get to go to El Doc’s office to have my blood drawn. And it’s supposed to see how I did after three months of being on a cholesterol-lowering drug. And if I did well with my low fat diet.

Uhm … methinks that I may have failed this test again. What can I say?! It’s been a stressful three months? Well, at least November turned out to be a good stressful month.

Okay quit making excuses, Em. I should just fess up and say that I totally suck at taking care of myself. Others? Sure, I can take care of them. After all, I’m a frickin’ Registered Nut — oh, I mean Nurse. But like many of my other health care professionals, I have this tendency to worry about others’ well-being rather than myself. After all, isn’t that the reason why I got into my G*d-awful state of depression in the first place? Thinking that my feelings of self-worth and health as it related to my infertility was nothing compared to others’ issues?

But once again, I digress. Perhaps this next year, with all the changes in store, will be a better year. And I can start focusing on myself again.

Which, by the way … I have officially cleared my background check (Yay! I’m not a criminal!) and can now officially announce to my current employer that I’m leaving as of the end of this month.

Doesn't he look like a young To.bey?

Doesn't he look like a young To.bey?

Anyhoo … really, what I was going to post about was my Hubby’s 8-year old cousin. Who, as he grows older, reminds me more and more of a school-aged To.bey Ma.guire in Sp.iderm.an (the first one, that is).

We saw this particular cousin on Thanksgiving, along with his older brother (who is 12 and is such a good kid ). He was one of those kids that decided to snuggle up next to me while watching a movie that night. And afterwards as we played Rock.band, I would listen to him tell me about stories at school. How his favorite subjects were science and math.

Holy crap, I thought, at that age my favorite subject was art and recess!! This kid, who has always loved to talk about hurricanes and tornadoes and other “natural disasters,” is going to be one heck of a smarty pants. Seriously. As if he’s not one precocious smarty pants now. At eight.

So that prompted me to ask him what he wanted to be when he grew up. “Uhm,” he said, as he cocked his chin up at an angle and propped his index finger on his cheek. “I wanna be a scientist.” Which I could totally see him being a meteorologist one day. Or a researcher in some university lab.

And then he added, “Or a Le.go designer.”

“A Le.go designer?,” I asked, kinda chuckling under my breath. “Why is that?!”

“Well,” he answered. “I’m really good at designing things with Le.gos and I have some reaally cool ideas!”

L = E+G+O

L = E+G+O

So there you have it. My Hubby’s cousin is a future Le.go designer. Or engineer. Or architect. Either way … he’s gonna be something special.

As if that wasn’t funny enough, that weekend while we were in suburbs of Chicago we happened to pass by one of the local shopping centers. And what do we see?! Uh-hmm. A Le.goLand store. So we just had to stop in to check it out. And right as you enter the store, there’s this massive face of none other than Albert Einstein, made completely of Le.gos.

Somehow, I think this could have been one of those ideas that Hubby’s cousin would think of, if he was already working for Le.go.