A Quickie

nablo1108accomplishment120x240No … not that kind. And not the “Afternoon Delight” kind either.

Nope … just wanted to post a quick one to say … Woo-frickin’-hoo!!! I finished 30 posts in 30 days!

Okay. So really, I wrote a post a day for 34 days in a row. But really, who’s counting? Oh yeah … me!!

And speaking of counting … today is officially my 200th post. Who’d a thunk I’d make it this far?!

But seriously, writing this past month has been very therapeutic. It has totally helped me get through one of the busiest and exciting months I’ve had in quite a while. And having done so, it has helped me put my priorities in order and my thoughts into action.

So … with that said, I hope to continue to write consistently. Maybe not every single day (otherwise Hubby would seriously take my lappie away and hide her permanently), but often enough to keep my life a little more sane. Besides, with all the changes happening in the near future, perhaps this is the one steady activity I’ll be having in my life until things settle down.

Thanks for reading my rambling and for all your comments. You guys just simply ROCK!!

7 Replies to “A Quickie”

  1. That’s pretty productive.

    I have also blogged more frequently this last month, though I was not a part of any campaign. And yes, when I go through my old posts, it does give me a wonderful track of from where I begun to where I am right now.

  2. Yay! Congratulations! I’m so proud of you! I didn’t even try this year. I post a lot anyway, but after last year’s feat, I knew that would be suicide for me to even think about it this year!
    It has been awesome to hear from you every day, but I completely understand needing the rest now.

    And WOO HOO! for your 200th post! Yay for Emily!

  3. Isn’t it cool when you set and meet a goal that involves writing? It’s just amazing what can happen, and the sense of accomplishment that it yields.

    Keep it up (after a well-earned rest, that is)!

  4. Can I tell you how flipping happy I am to be DONE this time? Last time, I wasn’t nearly so annoyed. I guess I had more stories or something.

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