Winks Wanted

This will probably a relatively short post as I am absolutely bone tired. That would be from the total of two hours sleep I had since Wednesday morning.

Last night, around 10 pm I got a phone call from my Mom telling me she was taking my Dad to the local ER. Apparently he has been having chest pain on and off for the past two weeks, mostly when doing strenuous exercise like shoveling or jogging on his treadmill or even while bowling. But when his chest pain simply started while he was lying down at rest, he finally (?!) decided it was time to call his doctor who, of course, directed him to come to the ER.

So I met them at the hospital, which is literally blocks away from my house, and sat with Mom & Dad as he got his blood drawn and and EKG and chest x-ray done. My Dad kept on insisting it was heartburn until one of his lab tests came up elevated and his EKG showed some non-descript changes … all of which was indicating that something bad was going on with his heart. The plan was to admit him to a bed on the “Cardiac Stepdown Unit” (CPCU) and do a heart catheterization (a.k.a. “cardiac cath) to look at the arteries that supply blood and oxygen to his heart. But not before seeing the cardiologist supposedly first thing in the morning.

That was at about 1:30 this morning. And because my poor Mom was exhausted, I sent her home to sleep. I planned to stay with my Dad until he got settled in the CPCU and then come early in the morning to catch the cardiologist. But it wasn’t until 8(frickin’):15 am that he was finally in a bed, rather than the uncomfortable stretcher he was on all night in the ER. I ended up staying until we found out they weren’t going to be able to do the cardiac cath until tomorrow (due to more abnormal non-heart related bloodwork). It was at that time that I went home to catch 20 winks in two hours, only to come back and sit with Dad while my Mom was at her own doctor’s appointment.

And now … I’m finally home. I still don’t know what time his cardiac cath is tomorrow, but I know I’ll be up early at the hospital just to make sure I catch the cardiologist again. Ugh. I just hope and pray that everything goes well tomorrow.

Okay, time for hopefully more than 20 winks …

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