I’m turning 40 tomorrow.

Yep, it’s a milestone birthday; one that makes you ponder what I’ve done for the past decade. And while I might not have done everything I thought I would in the past 10 years (you know get pregnant and start our family and all …), I know that I’ve done enough to make my 30’s a memorable decade.

Turning 40 seems like I should be turning over a new leaf. I should eat better, exercise more, be more financially responsible. It’s like New Year’s Resolutions, except in July. And I don’t know about you … but I tend to fall off the “Resolutions wagon” midway into the second month.

At least I get a whole decade to turn over this leaf.

Seriously though, I hope that my 40’s is a lot less drama and a lot more fun. I hope that Hubby and I continue to find new and exciting ways to live our child-free lives fully and not in the shadow of living childless. (I see travel in our near future!) So that’ll be what I aim for over the next 10 years.

Here’s to jumping feet first into my 40’s!


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  1. Happy Birthday Emily! Woohoo, the big 40! I’m turning 44 in 2 months and I can say that so far the 40s aren’t bad! Wisdom is somehow very freeing! May your next decade be full of love and adventure! I do suggest healthy eating and exercise though too! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Emily!!! I know you will achieve beautiful and fulfilling things this decade! Hugs!


  3. I just “awwww”ed out loud reading your hubby’s comment. That is swoon worthy. Happy birthday!

  4. HAPPY 40th Birthday, Emilyyyyy!!! Wish you fun adventures with hubby and lots and lots of lovely surprises and memoriessssss…wish your marriage grows even more beautiful each year…

    I’m now waiting for my 35th birthday, which will happen next year…I seem to now think that it’s gonna be the day when I can say to people “My eggs are getting old. Seriously. Stop wishing us to have kids. Don’t believe me? Check the facts online.” He he he he…If only they’d listen, though ha ha…

  5. Happy Birthday Ate Em!!! ….may this milestone year be the beginning of decades of peace, love and happiness!!! …will be looking forward to the pictures/stories of places u’ve been to :-)… who knows we might be able to go with you guys on d 2014 trip?!? Once again, may you have lots of fun, laughter, and love on your special day… (sending lots of hugs n’ kisses thru Jacob… 🙂

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