After a much-needed break, Hubby and I are in Saugatuck, MI for the weekend enjoying our first experience at a bed and breakfast.

It’s off-season here in the “Artist Capitol of Michigan” but it’s still beautiful here. Many of the stores are closed for the season, but one place we found to relax is a coffee house called “Uncommon Grounds.”

So here I sit, typing on my iPad, enjoying my frosted mint coconut latte, ironically called “Snow Day.” Ironic, because it’s 40-some degrees outside with no snow in site. What is with this winter? (Not that i’m complaining …)

Walking around this quaint town has got me missing the various city neighborhoods of Chicago. There are all these unique boutique shops and the streets are filled with people walking leisurely to their destinations. All that’s missing is the hustle and bustle of city-living. And that purposeful gait of pedestrians trying to catch a bus or the El.

I miss walking purposely like we did in Chicago. I miss rushing to the El station or the bus stop to catch it to our next destination. For pete’s sake, I even miss walking the dog through the park just so she could do her business. As it is now, all I have to do is let her out the side door so she can have the run of the yard. And I know our pudgy Kozzy misses it too.

But being here in Saugatuck has been a nice romantic getaway; something Hubby and I needed to recharge our batteries. It’s given us the time (especially here at “Uncommon Grounds”) to do things we both like to do; him = drawing, me = knitting and writing.

That, and fulfilling my dream of staying at a B&B just like the “Dragonfly Inn” from Gilmore Girls.

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