Mmmm …. Stop.

With my feet in the air and my head on the ground …

Yes. That’s it. I’ve finally cracked.

Without going into complete detail just yet (and yes, I will expound on this at a later date), I have completely lost my mind.

And it’s because this morning, I have not only lost that brain of mine, but I lost my dog!!! To put it lightly, I’m totally freaking out right about now.

So if any of you have any pull with St. Anthony or St. Francis … please please please ask them to deliver my Kozzy back to Hubby and me safe and sound. She may not be the smartest dog in the world, but she’s our lovable, affable, silly Kozzy-Bear …

Our Lovable "Kozzy-Bear"
Our Lovable "Kozzy-Bear"

9 Replies to “Mmmm …. Stop.”

  1. Oh love, I’m sorry. I will pray that he comes home soon.

    You’ve put toys and his blankie out, so he can “smell” home, right?

  2. I don’t have much pull with either – HOWEVER, I will be pleading/negotiating/praying to anyone who will listen that your doggy is returned home safely.

    If we lived close by, I would leave work to go help you find the pooch. I am really sorry Em, stay calm and many hugs.


  3. Oh Em, I am so sorry to hear that Kozzy has wandered off. I hope he finds his way home soon.

    Hang in there …

  4. OH No…oh no.

    My heart is racing for you! My cat took a three week vacation from me once…but she returned…a little dusty, but suspiciously well fed…



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