Little Em, Big Em

Dearest Little Em,

Welcome to the world, Emilia Grace!

You certainly took us all by surprise by coming a few days earlier. And you certainly gave Daddy (and not to mention, your Auntie Em) a scare by causing Mommy’s blood pressure to unexpectedly rise … but we’re very happy that both you and Mommy are perfectly healthy.

I may be impartial, but I think you’re the most beautiful baby girl I’ve ever seen. Of course, it doesn’t help that you share the same nose as your Dad and Auntie … not to mention every single one of our first cousins! I cannot wait to meet you in person and hold you in my arms.

I’m not gonna lie, Little Em. The news of your impending arrival back in May threw me for a bit of a loop. After all, your Uncle Apron Strings and I had been trying for over a decade to have a Little One just like you. And although we had resolved our Infertility Journey by deciding to live child-free, I couldn’t help but feel a little off-sorts. This news, as exciting and wonderful as it was, elicited some painful feelings of failure.

And when I mean failure … I’m talking about myself. And only myself. After all, I wasn’t able to make your Mommy & Daddy an Auntie or Uncle. I wasn’t able to give your Gramma & Grampa a grandchild as beautiful as you. And I certainly wasn’t able to make your Uncle Apron Strings a Daddy, just like your Mommy was able to do for your Daddy.

Most of all, I wasn’t able to give you a cousin to play with; to grow up with and share memories with. You see … that’s what *I* had growing up. And today, some of my favorite memories involve those cousins from your Daddy’s side.

So you see, Darling … back in May, I thought that I’ve not only failed every person in my immediate family … but that I’d ultimately fail you as well.

But this past Saturday morning, as I looked over at my phone for news of your arrival … I saw the most beautiful thing in the world. I saw YOU.

And then I just knew that I couldn’t fail you. That I wouldn’t fail you. That I would do everything to make sure that a child that shared the same namesake as myself would be loved and cherished beyond a doubt.

I promise, Little Em … that I will give to you what I would have given my own child. (And I’m not just talking about our noses, either!) I will pass on to you my (as well as your Mom’s) love of reading. I will impart wisdom to you on how to get Gramma & Grampa to give you money. And I will definitely be sharing with you the various ways to push your Dad’s buttons.  And hopefully I can help influence your taste in music as well.

But just remember this, Little Em … I will love you irrevocably and unconditionally forever and ever.

— Your Auntie “Big Em”

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November 5, 2010
7 lbs 6 oz, 19 inches

10 Replies to “Little Em, Big Em”

  1. 🙂 Beautful. And a great way to turn the feelings of failure into the feelings of love and hope for the best future ever.

  2. Congratulations Big Em! She’s a sweetie and I have no doubt that you will shower her with the same love and adoration you would your own child. She’s beautiful and so are you – inside and out!

  3. Tears, rolling down my cheeks, love this and you. Congrats to the entire family and especially Auntie Em! XOXO- Kara

  4. What an adorable little girl!
    I just had to say you took the words right from my mouth, the emotions you ripped straight from my heart. That is exactly how I feel sometimes, especially when my first niece was born.
    Nieces and nephews certainly have a way of bringing healing though, the love you have for them fills many holes in the heart and you will love them just as if they were your own.
    From an aunty of 4

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