The Month of June

I’ve wanted to do this project for quite a while now. Except that lately, I haven’t had much time to focus on writing. It’s been a busy month for work; busier still with weekend activities. That’s pretty evident since I haven’t had much time to blog in the past month or so.

But that’s about to change. Because this project happens to be a “daily” post, I figure it would go well with my goal to do at least one month of NaBloPoMo. And this month’s happens to fit perfectly with the task at hand.

That theme? Well, it’s “FAN”.

Yes, “FAN” can mean many things; such as an object to keep one cool in warm temperatures. Perfect for the month of June. Or it can be used as a verb; like fanning the flames of emotions.

For me, “Fan” refers to someone who is enthusiastic about something; whether it’s sports or comics or celebrity gossip.

I happen to consider myself a fan of music. I’ve grown up listening to all sorts of music … and to this day, I enjoy listening to any genre of music. As long as it’s interesting, anyway.

So that’s what I’ll be blogging about this month. And because each song has history behind it, I’ll be attempting to sharpen my writing skills by telling you that story.

And at the end of the month, I get to put a nice new shiny badge on my “Wall of Fame” !!!

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