Meet “Newbie,” the squirrel that
“hangs out” in front of my work space

Those darn Needle Nuts at work … can’t ever keep them quiet. Wait. What am I blabbing about?! I am one of those Needle nuts.

To date, I now have two and a half boxes full of hats. I am completely overwhelmed by the response we’ve gotten. We’ve knitted and crocheted so many unique and beautiful hats that I couldn’t keep them hidden inside the boxes. So instead of doing work yesterday (hey, like I can focus the day before I leave for a week’s vacation), a few co-workers and I had fun dressing up our plush toys. And what a fashion show they’ve put on!

It all started by
dressing “Elmo”

Last weekend I stopped by my local yarn shop to pick up some more yarn and needles. (Like I need an excuse to go in and “touchy-feely” the cool fibers they’ve got there. But I digress …)

“May the Force
be with You”

I ended up talking with Bridget, the owner of the shop. She, along with another yarn shop owner, had started a group that knits (or creates other fiber arts) for local cancer charities. Anyway, I ended up telling her about the project we were doing at work and my personal reasons for specifically making preemie hats. She was so touched by the story of my nephew, that she donated quite a few balls of scrap yarn (and a couple skeins) for us to make more hats. Again, I am overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity.

And now, to top it off … a fellow co-worker managed to “re-teach” me to crochet (my grandmother taught me many moons ago, but I forgot). So now I get to whip out even more preemie hats and chemo caps! Oh my, even more of an excuse to hit the yarn shops again!

This isn’t even a third of what we have created!