Yep. Me, about a year after
passing the RN Boards

No … not that kind of “late.” I mean really … I’m on a medication that totally supresses my ability to become pregnant. So seriously people (or at least those non-IF people), don’t get excited.

But really, what I failed to do yesterday was to wish all those nurses out there a “Happy Nurses Day!”

Now, in the US they celebrate a whole week for Nurses. It always starts on May 6th and wraps up on May 12th, which is the birthday of Florence Nightingale. For those of you that don’t know, Flo is considered the “Mother of Modern Nursing,” and that’s why May 12th is recognized world-wide as Nurses Day.

The good thing for me about this day of recognition for my profession? It typically happens right around the festivities surrounding Mother’s Day. And it’s a great distraction (especially at work where I spend most of my time) for me, the infertile.

The bad thing about it? Well … it’s the same reason. Because, quite frankly … most people “forget” about Nurses Day and remember THAT day instead.

Even back then, I had to be caged

Oh no … I’m not bitter. Not bitter at all!

Of course, having a whole day … let alone a whole week here in the US … that recognizes the achievements and the TLC of nurses is more than many other professions have. I swear … Hubby keeps waiting for “National Graphic Designer / Art Director Week” to happen!