Have a … Wha?!

As if I wanna see THIS during my favorite time of the month ...
As if I wanna see THIS during my "favorite" time of the month ...

Someone needs to shoot (and kill) the Marketing Department / Ad Agency for Always. Seriously.

Whoever the freakin’ frack came up with the slogan “Have a happy period” obviously:

  1. Never had seriously heavy crampy “can’t take a sh*t” periods (yes, waaay too much TMI), and
  2. Never had difficulty procreating.

With that said … it’s time for me to crawl back into bed and resurface once bloating and exhaustion subside.

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  1. It seems to me I once received an e-mail with a hilarious response to the announcement about this new marketing campaign (one of those things that gets forwarded on & on & on & on…). If I can dig it up, I will post it here, because it was pretty funny! (Although you can probably imagine what it said…!)

  2. I hate those stupid packages. What a stupid campaign. Makes me not want to buy Always anymore. Hell, maybe I’ll boycott it (like they’ll notice).

  3. Heh. I’ve been wondering for a while what idiot came up with that campaign, and furthermore, after said idiot came up with it, a whole committee of people at Always had to see it and approve it and decide to put it on their packaging. I mean, it takes a village right, so how in the hell did this slip by???

    It reminds me of the one building that defines the (pathetic) skyline of this town:

    You can click that link and decide for yourself what it looks like, before I tell you what I think…

    I always thought dildo, until someone pointed out to me that due to the color, it really does look more like a tampon.

    I mean, not only did an architect have to design it on paper, he then had to present it to a committee at his architecture firm, who all had to say, “Yeah! Good idea!”, and then they had to take it to the Wachovia Corporation, and present it to a bunch of people, who all had to look at it and say, “Hmm! I like it!” and then the workers had to build the building, all while keeping their thoughts to themselves- seriously, did NO ONE think to say, “Guys- this building looks like a giant tampon. It’s the tallest building in Winston-Salem. You can see it from every single point within 10 miles of downtown. Do we really want the skyline to be dominated by a giant phallus????”

    Maybe Always and Wachovia are working together…

  4. I never did understand that line either. I mean what is really “happy” about a period? Even if you’re not TTC or having any extreme menstrual discomfort…who the heck is “happy” about having to wear a pad or tampon, being bloated, and feeling moody? And that is describing a best case scenerio period – let alone if you’re one the people having cycles that are uncomfortable or are TTC. Great point you made! I hope your period is over soon, and that those people at Always are the farthest thing from you mind soon sweetie!

  5. It’s insane, I agree.

    The ad campaign I’m hating right now is the Volkswagen ads with Brooke Shields — these women are getting pregnant so that they can get a Volkswagen. Um…. wtf?

  6. let’s jsut all be HAPPY that we don’t know how to make an.thrax.
    BTW__i keep meaning to email you but i don’t have the time….but i want you to know that wehn i was p_________ i listened to ‘apronstrings’ by EWBTG in the pool on my waterproofed ipod and cried and cried. that’s why i only listened to in the pool. even now i listen to it. it’s so powerful.i have to mkae myself now because it brings up so.much that is still htere. but it rocks as a song.

  7. You know, I actually quit using those things because of that stupid slogan!?!? As if I was supposed to be excited to have mother nature give me the finger!

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