Three Overtimes …

… and four loads of laundry … AND one-hundred fifty-plus blog posts read on reader later (Not. Kidding. You.) …

and our Red Wings LOST. In our own building, nonetheless. How crushed “my boys” must have been early this morning when the game finally ended. Because they literally played their hearts out.

But alas … all is not lost. Lord Stanley’s Cup will be at tomorrow’s game. In Pittsburgh. When the Wings play again!

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  1. Wasn’t that crazy, ughhh! I so wanted them to win. We stayed up for the game too. Thanks so much for the kind words. It was great getting a chance to see you on Sunday. You remind me of my friend from nursing school, it’s so funny. You personalities are identical, she’s a great person…so that’s a compliment I swear. She’s one of the only people I still talk to from then. She’s my friend M I mention in my blog sometimes. We’ll have to do lunch again sometime, I really enjoyed it!

  2. I gave up TWO HOURS of sleep to watch that game, only to fall asleep about 5 mins into the 3rd OT! ARGH!

    My ass will be firmly planted on my couch tonight tho, I guaran-frickin-tee it!


  3. Dude, I am so sorry. My husband was watching that and fell asleep to it. How disappointing after all those overtimes.

  4. Okay, so I know nothing of hockey, but had to comment how impressed I am that you read 150+ blogs. (:

    I have my 3rd Lupron shot tonight and am terrified reading your experience with it. ((Hugs))

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