Gas & Tatas

A couple days ago, I pulled out of my local coffee house, which just happens to be in a relatively upper middle class area of Suburban Detroit. As I’m driving towards the exit, I happen to glance at the L.and Ro.ver that was parked next to me and saw this bumper sticker on the rear window:

So yet again … does anyone else see the irony in this picture?

Okay … let’s see. Hmmm …. the fact that this person is driving a gas-guzzling SUV that probably requires the premium, high octane fuel probably gives insight as to why he/she is for war. But the irony of this, is that L.and Ro.ver, while once owned by one of the “Big Three” US auto companies, was recently sold to … da da da dum … an Indian car company, which …. wait for it … is called Tata Motors. (God, I just love writing the word “tata” and not have it be in reference to my b**bies!)

Yeah, I’m lame. But TGIF and hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. what a awful bumper sticker and WTHeesy does that mean??
    that’s a rare sight, like saab drivers, LR drivers are typically liberals?
    you know, i have a smaller version (with the new volvo engine) that i get 30 hwy mpg on. of course to do that. i ride in the slow lane 5 over the speed limit on cruise. i appear to be alone in the endeavor, but still.
    seriously what a freak. them, not me. ; )

  2. Zoiks. Clearly someone who’s never been in a war as a civilian, been in a place not long after a war, or read much in-depth history. Give war a chance to do what? Destroy infrastructure? Encourage famine, plague, and ignorance?

  3. Wha? Um, yeah. That totally makes sense- drive a car that gets 15 MPG, and then support a war that makes your gasoline cost $4 a gallon and rising… ‘Cos you just LIKE to spend hundreds of dollars on transportation… Yeah. Makes sense…

  4. Ouch. I’ve known people (not me of course) who’ve made and slapped bumperstickers on giant SUV’s — “I can hold 8 people but I never will’ – – or ‘this offroad vehicle will only see wet grass’…

    I didn’t know you were a Michigander!

    Just peeking my head out to say hello — I’ve been kind of a lazy commenter lately — but I always appreciate your comments on my blog and always mean to tell you just how much it means to know that someone understands what I’m going through…

    Thank you.


  5. Ugh. Just Ugh. Did you cut him off? Stick your tongue out at him, look at him with a funny face?

    I keep saying him. It was probably some yuppy soccer mum.

    Just Ugh.

  6. Are you friggen kidding me? What an awful bumper sticker. I laugh at how stupid it is. That person obviously is in need of some hugs.

    I also laugh at your tata reference. Tatas are AWESOME!!

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