A couple days ago, I pulled out of my local coffee house, which just happens to be in a relatively upper middle class area of Suburban Detroit. As I’m driving towards the exit, I happen to glance at the L.and Ro.ver that was parked next to me and saw this bumper sticker on the rear window:

So yet again … does anyone else see the irony in this picture?

Okay … let’s see. Hmmm …. the fact that this person is driving a gas-guzzling SUV that probably requires the premium, high octane fuel probably gives insight as to why he/she is for war. But the irony of this, is that L.and Ro.ver, while once owned by one of the “Big Three” US auto companies, was recently sold to … da da da dum … an Indian car company, which …. wait for it … is called Tata Motors. (God, I just love writing the word “tata” and not have it be in reference to my b**bies!)

Yeah, I’m lame. But TGIF and hope everyone has a great weekend!