… Of Fresh Air

(Update 11.17.2008: I’ve decided to split up this post into two parts in order to allow for parts of this previously PWP post to be finally visible.

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So let’s see. What else can I tell you? Uhm … things are looking good on the job front. After several phone conversations back and forth with the Nurse Recruiter at our sister company in another state, I have a formal interview scheduled at their company on Nov. 10th. And the thing is, they were really asking me to come out and interview sooner, but because of scheduling conflicts (big exec presentation this week and Election Day / cousin’s cotillion next week) we couldn’t do it until that date.

And the other thing is, they’ve already sent a benefit package for me to review. And they’ve asked me to fill out some paperwork to start the background check. Uhm … maybe I’m being waaay to optimistic, but something tells me that they reaallly want me to start ASAP if I should get hired! Which means that they’re thinking that I’ll do swimmingly well on this interview.

Which means I may actually be moving out of state … !!

I can’t tell you how even just the thought of moving out of state excites me. As weird as it sounds (okay maybe not that weird), I’m looking forward to the possibility of a new beginning. I’m looking forward to purging out all the old bad “stuff” and starting over. And when I mean “stuff” I do mean all the junk we’ve collected in our house and in our (or rather MY ) heart and mind.

I’m looking forward to finally getting my second chance.

Oh, but I hope I’m not setting myself up for a big disappointment … So if anybody’s got clout with the Big Man upstairs, can I ask you to put a good word in for me?

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