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(Update 11.17.2008: I’ve decided to split up this post into two parts in order to allow for parts of this previously PWP post to be finally visible.)


So today was the big day. The interview for that Out-of-State job I applied for. For the company that my former Director and now new VP of said company helped arrange for me. I must admit, I was perfectly calm heading into town, but the nerves got the best of me early this morning. I was freaking out, if I’m being completely honest.

But reading all your words, and knowing that you guys were rooting for me … and having Hubby there to help calm my nerves … well, I took comfort in that. So thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

It turns out, I didn’t need to be so worried. Not saying that I nailed the interview … but let’s just say that things ended up going real well. I was initially set up to interview for an RN Case Manager position, but as I expressed interest in a Supervisor position and the Manager that was interviewing saw I had supervisory experience … well, she took it upon herself to interview me for both positions. and she set up another interview immediately afterwards with the Physician Medical Directors. Now … that part made me a little nervous, but I think I managed to win them over. And it certainly helped that my ex-Director picked that moment to take a break from his schedule of meetings to stop in and say hi to me. Kissmet, I tell you!

Anyway, I’ve been told that they want to set up one more interiew with me; with the Director of their department. Unfortunately, it will have to be at another date … and could possibly be set up as a phone interview … as she wasn’t available today.

So that’s the next step in the process. And I’m expecting to hear about setting that up within the next couple of weeks. Until then, I’m in a holding pattern. But at least I can exhale for the time being.

(See this next post for continuation of this original post …)

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  1. You earned that big exhale — enjoy it! I just know that one way or another, you will have a new (work — for now, the rest is coming) beginning.

    Don’t worry about forgiving yourself for your thoughts — you have every right to them. The thing to be concerned about is the acting on the thoughts, and you are too good-hearted a person to let yourself do so .

    Re: SIL, be strong! Things will work out one way or another, even if it’s not pretty. If that’s how it’ll be, so be it. You have tried again and again, and you can’t expect anymore of yourself. And if she’s given all she’s willing to give, then well, that’s all, folks!

    Re: you, be gentle with yourself, okay?

  2. Wow! The interview news sounds terrific! I’m so happy for you! It’s always good news when they want to bring you in front of the higher-ups right away! Good for you. Clearly, they recognize the awesomeness that is The Emily.

    As for your SIL… I’m sure it’s damn near impossible, but if I were you, I would do everything I can to just let her action (or inaction) roll off your back. She obviously has problems, and you’ve obviously got to deal with the outcome of those problems (‘cos you guys are relatives), so my best advice would be to just develop a veneer- shiny, slick and impermeable. Just let the words bead up and roll off. No need to even let her know that you even so much as thought of her. That’s what I’d try to do. BUT, that said, when you’re hurting, I know how hard that is to do. I wish I could shoulder some of this burden for you, but alas, I hear that it’s not the way this kind of thing works…


    Chin up, m’dear. Just like kismet found you, her “anti-kismet” will find her.

  3. Awesome news on the interview. Did you fly out to CA for these? Sorry about the uncomfortable baptism, but at least it is over….and you survived it!

  4. OK, first off – whoohoo on the interview! Knock on wood, I hope they give it to you. And way to get in on interviewing for an extra supervisor position while you’re at it! I will keep my fingers crossed.
    As for your SIL. Man. I wish there were an easy answer to that. She seems like such a small person. And really, how you deal with that as a family member that you can’t cut out of your life? I wish I knew. But if I could send extra strength to you so you could keep your head up and take the high road I would. Or if you needed somebody to cut a bitch…

  5. Hooray for your awesome interview! Before I left the field of nursing entirely, I worked as a case/hospice manager at an insurance company, so I know what a cool job it is.

    (I also learned of how many people HATED insurance companies and would tell me about it once I told them where I worked)

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