Somedays work feels like Mr. Stay Puft

Proton Pack Day #2. Except today I was remotely putting out fires from home; which definitely had its challenges. But ask me if I minded doing it from home, and I’d tell you that I would find a way of putting up with the challenges in order to take advantage of this benefit. It’s just too bad that I’m limited to working from home only one day a month. Boo …

Anyway, because I worked from home today I did not have much opportunity to do any new Random Acts of Kindness. Instead, while taking my puppy-girl for an extended walk (after my work day was done), I once again spread some goodies for the Chicago wildlife. Well … the birds and squirrel variety, anyway — none of those “back alley” city wildlife.

Squirrels are funny creatures; more so, it seems, in the city. Hubby & I have had the conversation before about how squirrels in Chicago seem just a bit different than squirrels back in suburban Detroit. First of all, the colorings/markings on Chicago squirrels are remarkably greyish-brown; more of a hodge-podge of various squirrel colorings. And then there are those suburban Detroit squirrels, which tend to be either reaaallly brown or black.

Meet City Squirrel (Chicago)

And because I grew up in suburban Detroit in the decade following the 1967 Detroit Riot and during Coleman Young‘s five terms of Mayor (both circumstances that contributed to the massive segregation between city and suburbs, caucasian and non-caucasian), it’s a silly observation that Detroit squirrels should be so … well, black and white. Add to the fact that up until the last decade or so, it was rare to see a black squirrel past Eight Mile Road* … that’s irony at its best!

But regardless of ra- … I mean species , the big thing that we noticed about city squirrels and “country” squirrels*** is the personalities. Suburban squirrels (at least in all other areas of the Detroit area other than Ann Arbor) are rather timid. They are easily frightened by anything and everything. Whereas, their cousin, City Squirrel just loooves to come up to anyone or anything … especially my dog.

You know, the same dog that has anxiety issues? And totally gets nervous/aggressive when other pets are around? Yes, City Squirrel loves to antagonize her. (My poor Kozzy-girl … ) They love to stand in direct path of her and make clicking sounds in order to get her attention. And then they looove running away the minute Kozzy starts pulling on her leash and barking at them.

And this is Suburban Squirrel

Some days it’s absolutely hysterical. And then there are days, like today (as I tried to feed them), that it’s downright frustrating!

(Remind me again why I was trying to feed them? Oh yeah, for my daily Lenten *good* deed … NUTS!!)

As for what I’m thankful for today … I guess because we’re quite tight in the wallet lately, I’m grateful that I have food to put on our table and food to feed our pets. While City & Suburban Squirrel can probably scrounge off the land (they’re raised to do that) or fill their tummies with scraps given to them by suckers like me, at least I don’t have to go further than the closest grocery store to get mine. And how about all the other people I see in the streets of Chicago? The ones asking for spare change just to get food? The same ones that are grateful for any leftovers that other humans give to them? That just makes me even more thankful that we have what we have.

Okay … that’s it for the night. Think I’m going to crash now, so that I can be prepared to fight more fires tomorrow. <sigh>


And finally, meet City Squirrel II (Detroit)

* Yes, that IS the road that is referenced in the famed Brian Grazer/Eminem** movie. This road in Detroit is literally (and figuratively) the dividing line between city and suburbs.

** Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: I have a friend who actually went to HS/Middle school with Marshall … well, at least until he dropped out!

*** Remember City Mouse and Country Mouse? Meet their kissing cousin, Suburban Mouse! LOL!

3 Blessings & A Good Deed

I apologize now, because I know this is going to be a (relatively) short post … at least for me. I’m just not feeling a 100% today and I’m trying to shake off the yuckies.

Lazy Sunday Morning

Yesterday’s good deed was again, nothing that was extraordinarily spectacular. I spent most of the day yesterday at the same Borders I did two Wednesdays back. Hubby again has been networking like crazy (nothing like free-lancing in a “new” area to try to find new contacts) and spent some time with yet another Meetup group. And while he did that, I spent some time catching up on blog reading and writing.

Because all Borders cafes now have free WiFi, there are more people (me included) that tend to stick around and surf the web. However, like most free WiFi coffee houses and bookstores, it also tends to attract those college / grad school students as well. That is one of the reasons why it tends to be difficult finding a table to sit at; lots of group studies apparently meet at this particular Borders on the weekend.

After waiting for a few minutes, I managed to score a nice spacious four-topper where I could camp out. Of course, I was conscientious enough to only take a little space of the table so that others can join me if they want. No sooner than I sat down, I noticed a group of about 5 students looking for a place to sit. And yep, you guessed it: I gave them. And boy, were they grateful … so grateful that when they left a couple hours later, they offered the table back to me.

Nappy Time ...
Nappy Time ...

Good Deed # 3 completed.

AND … well, since I didn’t step out of the house today (seriously, I’m planning on staying in my pajamas until tomorrow morning), I have to admit that I didn’t have an opportunity to do any random kind act. Unless you count cooking “pasta and gravy”* for Hubby for lunch a good deed … but I would have done that anyway.

So instead of another good deed, I think I’ll just add an additional “Gratitude” for the day; making it three things (for yesterday and today) I’d like to show my appreciation for.

  1. As much as a financial hardship it’s been (at least most recently), I am grateful that Hubby & I have a place to live both here in Chicago and Detroit. I would like nothing more than to sell our home in Detroit so we can use the mortage payment for that house for something else … but for now, it’s nice to have our own place to rest our heads when we’re back in town.
  2. I’m grateful for Sunday mornings. I can’t stress enough how much I love those mornings where I can wake up at my leisure. Not that every Sunday morning is like that … but when they are, nothing can be more relaxing. Except maybe if I was in Hawaii. Waking up to the sound of the ocean waves. Outside my bedroom window. But hey, I’ll take any lazy Sunday morning anywhere .
  3. I am so thankful for afternoon naps. Going along with my whole Lazy Sunday theme for the day, I must admit that I fell asleep on the couch trying to watch an episode of “Project Runway” that I DVR’d a couple weeks ago (I’m behind two weeks … eesh). And when I woke up? Yeah, it was just in time to see Capt Jack Sparrow on the USA Network. What a great way to wake up! LOL!

Okay, so that’s all I’ve got for today. I’m hoping that this relaxing day was just what I needed to boost my energy in preparation for another busy week.

Hope you all have a wonderful evening …


* I’ve been recently schooled that “pasta & gravy” is actually the correct term for “spaghetti” as deemed by many Chicago Italian-Americans … who knew?!