All Things Considered

I love NPR. I’m not sure when I started really listening to it, but I do know that I’ve lately found myself switching the radio station in my car to our local NPR station more often. But I digress …

Special project has been kicking my a$$ these past few weeks. So much that I’ve been such a bad bloggy friend and a bad blogger lately. I should hopefully be done with special project in the next week or two, so hopefully things can go back to somewhat normal.

I decided to password-protect (PWP) the previous post for a reason. There are a few things that have been weighing heavily on my mind lately. Things that I would rather not share with the rest of my non-bloggy friends at this time. Believe me, the following things will be coming out in all due time, but right now … I’m not ready to share it with the rest of the world.

And quite honestly, having PWP’d the other post, I’ve found much comfort from those that have commented on it. They were very honest comments, and ones that I truly appreciated.

So … if you’re interested in reading this post, you can comment on this post for the password. For those that have the password for the previous PWP post, it’s the same password … however (since I now know it’s a case-sensitive password) you might want to capitalize the first letter.*


(* Update 11.17.2008: The password for this post has officially been changed to reflect the same password for all PWP-ed posts)

This and That

I debated for a bit whether or not I should have posted the previous blog entry. And then I decided I would … but would then password-protect it.

After all this is my blog. It’s my journal and my lifeline to dealing with my daily life.

For those readers out there that wish to read that post and follow along in my journey towards a healthier me … I welcome you to comment on this post.

Thanks for your understanding …